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5 Necessary Maintenance Tips for Marble Kitchen Benchtops

5 Necessary Maintenance Tips for Marble Kitchen Benchtops
March 7, 2018 Tom Clark

Although there are a variety of materials readily available in the market for Factors in Buying a Condo, when it comes to manufacturing kitchen benchtops, a large number of people tend to prefer marble. Starting from an amazing aesthetic appearance to being cost-effective and damage resistant, the said metamorphic rock has some unimaginable benefits. Consumers, who already have marble benchtop installed in their house, must be acquainted with the diverse maintenance tips as that would help the product to retain its brand-new lustre and last for longer periods easily. Want to know more regarding this? If yes, please do buy some time and go through the below-mentioned pointers.

  • Although marble benchtops can enhance the beauty as well as functionality of your house, they tend to stain very easily. Thus, it is extremely essential to clean all kinds of spillages immediately, no matter if the liquid is oil, water or anything else. Make sure not to rub the spot but use blotting motion with a soft clean cloth and rubbing alcohol or other kinds of mild solution.
  • According to the top-notch providers of marble benchtops at Brisbane, it is not enough to clean the exteriors but one need to use sealants for blocking the small passages of fluids spread throughout the structure. In this case, you can either rely upon the products found at a local hardware store or make sealant at home with few easily accessible ingredients like beeswax, wood polish, turpentine oil, vinegar, linseed oil, canola oil, and lemon.
  • If you have forgotten to upgrade or change the sealant for quite a few months or so, it is time to disinfect the concerned benchtop made of marble by spraying isopropyl alcohol. However, do not use the said component directly as that can inflict permanent damage or make the structure prone to breakage. It would be better to mix isopropyl alcohol with adequate amounts of water. A disinfected benchtop would remain resistant to insect infestation and prevent harmful fungal growth.
  • There are a few preventive measures adhering to which you can easily expand the service life of your precious marble benchtop. For instance, when it comes to chopping food or setting drinks on the counter, makes sure to use cutting boards, coasters, and other kinds of necessary utensils. This is to be followed especially if one is dealing with a food item or beverage that is acidic in nature. Also avoid placing containers taken out of oven directly on the benchtop as heat could destroy the lustre and colour of the structure.
  • Finally, yet importantly, if you are unable to clean marble benchtops successfully or find the entire task extremely challenging and time-consuming, feel free to rely upon the varied stone care professionals. There are many cleaning agents that are known to offer quality, customisable, and affordable services. Do conduct comprehensive research and seek recommendations before arriving at any decision.

Keeping the five suggestions in mind would surely make your marble benchtop Productivity even more durable and aesthetically pleasing as well as highly serviceable.


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