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5 Healthy Juices to Speed up Weight Loss or to Stay Fit

5 Healthy Juices to Speed up Weight Loss or to Stay Fit
March 6, 2018 Tom Clark

“Health is wealth”. Yes, this is very true. Nowadays, everyone is health conscious. Staying healthy and fit has become the prime concern of most of the people. Unfortunately, obesity has become one of the most common causes of worry to a large number of people. Do you like to lose weight? If yes then you may have certain fresh juices in order to speed up the weight loss. Have a glimpse over this useful health blog to enrich yourself.

1)    Carrot Juice

You must know that carrots are full of fiber and low in calories. You can fill your appetite by taking a full glass of carrot juice.  It will be best if you have the carrots in the raw form. The juice is known to burn calories and therefore helps you to stay fit.

2)    Cucumber Juice

Foods with the high water content are quite healthy as they are low in calories.  You can lose your weight by following two ways- either by burning the extra calories or by eating foods that have fewer calories. The cucumber juice will fill you up as they have fiber and high water content.

3)    Watermelon Juice

According to the nutrients, we will get only 30 calories from 100 grams and this will keep you hydrated. This fruit is rich in amino acid arginine and this helps you to burn unwanted fat.

4)    Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate is known to keep skin glowing. The juice is also beneficial for staying slim and fit. Since pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, conjugated linolenic acid and polyphenols, they help to burn the fat and boost the metabolism.

5)    Orange Juice

Fresh orange juice could be the best alternative to colas and frizzy drinks. Drink a glass of orange juice to get rid of obesity.

To stay healthy and fit, do not forget to have these fresh juices.  Consult with your nutritionist and stay fit.


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