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Reviewing Modern Day Styles and Techniques of Tattooing

Reviewing Modern Day Styles and Techniques of Tattooing
March 19, 2018 Tom Clark

The practice or the culture of marking the skin is not at new and has been marked in almost every culture across the world. The techniques might seem similar but the ultimate aim of the method was to get back the ink or the pigment under the skin in such a manner so that it heals and remain permanently. The tools and equipment used for the process vary from culture to culture and it kept on changing with the influence of outside societies.

But considering the modern trend, there has been a significant rise in the technology used for tattooing. In this post, the readers will get to know modern day techniques to make iconic tattoos.

  1. Coloring

Coloring, by its name, suggests that it is used for filling in the areas of design with a wide range of colors. The technique might or might not make use of black ink, but certain artists prefer this as a work of shading.

Clients have the full freedom to choose the color for the design. This technique is mainly followed from darkest to the lightest instead working from one side of the tattoo to another. This protects the darker colors from mixing with the lighter ones accidentally.

  1. Lining

Lining or outlining is a technique used for creating the basic outline of the design on the body. Usually, it is done with the help of a group of needles and this is why lines can vary from very thin to quite thick. Tattoo making artists often opt for building lines with using a number of passes close to each other to make a thicker line.

Although it is likely to be the basic tattooing skill, still it is an important way of doing tattoos. Lines are very important for making a professional tattoo as they give important definition to the overall design.

  1. Shading

This is one such critical form of tattoo making that make the outlook of the design classic. It is a purely creative piece of work where the artist who is good at shading creates images having a great interest in the same. It is mainly done with black ink and varieties of techniques are available to create darker or lighter shades.

For an instance, one can star with heavy pressure during the beginning of every stroke and releasing the pressure as soon as the artist lifts the needle off the skin at the end of the stroke. Many other techniques are also there through which artist make lighter shade on the body but this is the most popular one as it is convenient on the part of the people getting the design.

Apart from the ones discussed above, many other styles are also there that tattoo making artists follow to make the design look distinct. Make sure to get in touch with the professional artist to enhance the elegance of the body art. Celebrity ink tattoo in Gold Coast has become one of the most popular studios offering some unique artwork to the people coming to have tattoos.


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