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4 Amazing Medical Technology Advances You Should Know Now

4 Amazing Medical Technology Advances You Should Know Now
March 22, 2018 Tom Clark

We, human beings always try to keep pace with the fleeting time. Technologies are what that enables us to serve this purpose. With the technical aid, we can easily perform some difficult jobs in a jiffy. When it comes to technologies, the medical field is what that witnesses most of the invention of technologies. Over the past few decades, several of medical machines, techniques and devices are introduced. All these enable the physicians and other medical professionals to offer better treatments to a wide range of patients.

For the laymen like you, it is hardly possible to have adequate knowledge of the latest medical technologies.  In the below section, I have discussed some of the most talked and latest medical devices and techniques. Dive into the below section to have a clear idea of this subject.

1)    Cancer Nanotherapy

Nanotechnology plays a vital role to fulfill all the needs of the medical science regarding some treatments which are less complicated, less costly yet more effective. The introduction of cancer nanotherapy is a path-breaking incident in the medical science. In the latest treatment procedure, the researchers use nanobots for targeting and delivering drugs to the defective cells.  This treatment has become popular as they leave the healthy cells unharmed. The devices are generally made from a single DNA strand.

2)    Audio and Video Transcription

Audio and video transcription is one of the latest technologies which aim to convert the audio or video file into the electronic or written text document. Medical transcription services help the doctors and the other professionals, associated with this field to keep the valuable record of the patients intact. In these days, this service has become quite popular because this helps the doctor treat the patients effectively.

3)    Wireless Devices

For the past few decades, the doctors had been using the pulse oximeter which is designed to measure the levels of oxygen saturation in the patient’s blood. The device is generally clipped on the patient’s fingertips. Recently new personal pulse oximetry devices have been introduced.  The MyOxy monitor is a device which is Bluetooth based. This device mainly integrated the oxygen saturation with the other measurements of the patients, such as, blood pressure and temperature into the tablet or smartphone app.

4)    Brain-Machine Interfaces

With the rapid growth of the paralytic patients, it becomes necessary for the medical professionals to invent some devices which can detect the neural signals of the patients and transform them into the computer controlled limb movements.  With the introduction of the brain-machine interface technologies, it becomes possible. The most advanced devices are designed in such a way so that they can be used safely in the home environment.

Hope all the information about the advanced medical technologies is helpful for you. To know more about this topic, you may surf the internet, where you will get detailed information on this topic. All these devices and technologies enable the doctors to treat the patients in the most effective way. For maintaining all the medical details in the written form, do not forget to hire a reliable transcription service provider.


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