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Top Tips for Successful Brand Building on Instagram

Top Tips for Successful Brand Building on Instagram
March 23, 2018 Tom Clark

With the number of users heading towards the magic one-billion mark in 2018, most businesses are already present on Instagram. All brands need to actively try and reach out to the maximum number of users to build a more vibrant community because increasing the number of followers is the only way of staying ahead of the rest. Some useful tips for boosting your brand awareness:

Use Free Instagram Analytics Tools

Just like its parent, Facebook, Instagram now offers business profiles a feature that allows the followers to contact the business with a call, email or text message. The platform also offers a number of analytics tools that let the business know a number of key statistics regarding the number of likes, comments, etc. that allow page owners to get an insight into how users are engaging with your brand. This can help you to improve your engagement level and brand awareness.

Promote Your Instagram Account on Other Social Media

If you want to boost the number of your Instagram followers with people who are already engaged with your brand, you should promote your Instagram account across other social media networks that you are already present on such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. People who are already following you on these networks will love another opportunity to interact and engage with you on a platform that is geared to visual content of Online Sales. Cross promoting your brand on other social media channels give additional flexibility to followers to follow you on the platform of their choice and is a good way of staying connected with followers even as they keep on shuffling the social media that they prefer. Also, consider using programs to boost the number of your followers.

Don’t Promote Yourself Too Much

The trick to maximizing your engagement is to post regularly and consistently in a manner that is adequate to keep the follower locked into your brand. However, if you post very frequently, it might overwhelm your followers and they might be tempted to skip reading your posts or even unfollow you. Every brand needs to find the right formula for posting by experimenting with the timing and frequency and measuring the engagement levels. The optimum publishing schedule and frequency is dynamic because the marketing environment is also constantly changing so you need to be alert and keep on tweaking your brand exposure continuously.

Interact and Engage with Followers

Social media marketing is a two-way process; you have got to nurture each of your followers individually by ensuring that you respond quickly and in a befitting manner to their likes and comments. By making your followers feel special with your responses you will be able to boost your brand loyalty and convert them into your brand ambassadors for a snowball effect.


Instagram is the ideal social media network for engaging with your target audience. Make sure that your content is compelling and can convey the essential brand attributes. Increase the engagement level by resorting to interactive devices such as contests and by using user-generated content.


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