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Top App Development Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Investment

Top App Development Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Investment
April 4, 2018 Tom Clark

Successful mobile app development requires focus, as well as flexibility, as there are many things that need to be factored in or even left out for the development of an app that customers will adore and the company will get the desired ROI. Some of the most common mistakes made by app developers that can wreck the project:

Putting In Too Much

Typically, when the app is being developed, there is a very common tendency to try and include everything that the business has to offer. As a result, the app becomes cluttered and slow to respond and does not allow users to accomplish tasks quickly and intuitively. To prevent this, brand managers and app developers should identify the most important things the app should achieve and build an awesome user experience around them.

Not Finding Out if the App Is Actually Wanted By the Users

Many businesses end up developing apps simply because competitors are doing it and they do not want to be left out or they hope that adding it to their marketing arsenal would somehow result in more sales. It is very important to study the needs of your customers and see how your app can satisfy them in a way that’s distinctly superior to what’s available.If you need to study the target audience and require professional help in mobile app development, then it is wise to hire a mobile app development in Mumbai service provider.

Not Testing the App Sufficiently

With an estimated one thousand apps being launched on a daily basis, the competition for attention can be really fierce. If you have crossed the first hurdle of being able to persuadecustomers to download and install it, you need to be absolutely sure that the app will function as it should and not fail due to glitches that have persisted as a result of insufficient testing. Contemporary customers are not forgiving; if they find the app malfunctioning, they will uninstall it and never ever return. It is vital that the app is tested extensively before launching it.

Developing On Several Platforms

Marketers are always in rush to get the largest possible market share so they insist on getting apps developed on multiple platforms simultaneously. Even if you consider developing on Android and iOS at the same time, it means double the effort and a larger investment. It can be difficult to iron out glitches and the time taken to market the app can be really long, which means wasted opportunities. Invariably, the app needs to be modified a number of times in response to user feedback and making the changes on both the platforms can be really vexing. It is better to select the platform according to the profile of your users and stabilize it before considering the next platform.


Apps should focus on offering a simple and quick solution to the real needs of users. Once that is kept in mind, everything else will fall into place. It is very important to resist the temptation of making a super-app with lots of features and options.


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