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Why Struggle with a Salvaged Car? Try Out These Title Changing Options and Sell

Why Struggle with a Salvaged Car? Try Out These Title Changing Options and Sell
May 7, 2018 Tom Clark

Buying a salvaged car can often be a daunting procedure and trading it further can be even more challenging. However, there is no point in thinking that you cannot thrive into the salvage auto business, as there are ways through which you can get the salvage title from your car changed into a rebuilt or reconditioned one. The rebuilt title is mostly given to vehicles that were previously announced salvaged from the respective insurance companies. Basically, these cars were damaged to a certain point that it was considered unworthy of any kind of servicing or repair.

When it comes to achieving success and high revenue with your salvage auto business, the first thing you need is expertise in repairing the salvaged cars for sale and making them usable again. To make things easier for you, here are some tips that can make this process easier for you:

Buy the Vehicle

Given the condition of the car, it might sound very easy, but purchasing a salvaged vehicle is a difficult process. The reason behind this issue is that there are certain American states where you can own or purchase a salvage title car only if you are a licensed rebuilder. This implicates that you can put the salvage car from your auto yard on sale only after it has been rebranded and repaired, which brings you to the next step.

Repair the Car

As a salvage auto yard business owner, your main job is to get the vehicle repaired as soon as possible so that you can look forward to the inspection and rebranding process. Even if you do not possess the mechanical knowledge required for repairing the car, make sure that you hire the services of an expert car mechanic who specializes in treating the car with such conditions. Apart from that, do not hurry in any paperwork related to the salvage vehicle and click a lot of images throughout the repairing campaign.

File for the Inspection

Assuming that you are done with the necessary repairing process, it is now the time for you get the inspection of your repaired vehicle done. For this, you have to reach out to the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state and fill all the required forms to have your car examined. This is where you can make use of the paperwork and the photos that you clicked while filling out the forms. Besides, the DMV officials will ask you to submit the paperwork that stated the salvage title, the bill of sale, and other documentation to carry forward the inspection process. As soon as you have provided the DMV with all the required paperwork, you will receive a date for the inspection of your vehicle.

Final Documentation

Once your car has passed the inspection, the designated official will offer a decal for your car which will indicate that your car is okay. Finally, you can apply for the rebuilt title at a nominal fee and once you get the title changed, it is time for selling it to a willing customer at a great price.


Running an auto salvage business can be made profitable and easy with these steps. Remember that you cannot ever remove the salvage title, but at least you can make money by obtaining the rebuilt or remodeled title for the car.