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All that you need to know about jQuery and its uses for Instagram

All that you need to know about jQuery and its uses for Instagram
May 31, 2018 Tom Clark

Social media marketing is the key to better exposure for your business in the contemporary times. If you are creative and innovative enough, you can easily come up with various ways in which you can use the digital marketing methods that are available through the social media platforms. While your website is the basic necessity for establishing your business, the social media platforms along with it can together ensure that you can gain a significant number of followers and exposure in the minimum possible time. Websitedevelopment has come a long way today, and apart from the basic HTML and CSS, you also have the jQuery, JavaScript for easing your website development works. Not only that, there are several jQuery friendly Instagram plug-ins which would help you integrate the Instagram page with the website API.

Social media platforms and website design

The main aim of having a social media page for your business website is promotion and reaching out to more and more people who are likely to be interested in your product. There are several social media platforms like the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more, and you can easily integrate all of these with your business website to build a brand reputation through them. Integrating your social media with your site is a great way of ensuring that you have the exposure to the right people regarding the business plans that you have. Since there are millions of people worldwide who are looking for ways in which they can promote their business, the social media platforms are a good option since there is always a significant amount of traffic on these websites round the clock.

What is jquery?

It is essential to have a clear conception of jQuery before you use it for your Instagram plug-in. If you have taken up the social media marketing under your control and do not seek the help from professionals in this field, after a certain point, you would have to have a proper understanding of the same. The jquery is a very popular JavaScript library with various attractive and eye-catching menus which simplifies your website designing ventures. The is an open and free source and very much worth the time you spent and hence is an option that is used by the big as well as the small names alike. The jquery incorporates various parts of HTML and CSS, and if you have some knowledge about it, you can make sure that it can be used to your advantage. This is also used to develop certain Instagram plug-ins which helps the users to integrate the Instagram account on the website they have.

Why should you opt for jquery?

There are various reasons why you can use and opt for the Jquery. First and foremost would be that it is a free and open source and hence can be used by anyone and everyone who is trying to design a website. It is very light programming opting which push the content of the website to the clients and hence. As a result reduce the overall wait time needed for the server to respond. It is smaller than a flash in size and hence easier to operate without risking the system to hang or pose any kind of trouble. It is a very versatile choice that can operate anywhere, and it is a cross-browser compatible option for the users. It is easily compatible with any operating system like the windows and Mac or Android and also easy to operate from desktop, tablets, laptops and even mobiles. It is easier to master for those who already have some prior knowledge of the JavaScript. Since it can be learned fast enough, it is easier to use for the developers who want to stay updated with the latest technologies. Last but not the least is that jquery is SEO-friendly and also complaint with the CSS3 and hence it can ensure that your contents are boosted well provided you take up the right strategy for marketing your website and its content.

Jquery and Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular choices for promotional work and if you are wondering how it is related to the jquery which is majorly a programming language for developing the website designs, here is why. There are many plug-ins like the which are developed based on the jquery scripts and are useful for making sure that your social media promotion is always up and consistent. The plug-ins developed with the help of jquery can blend in easily with the websites and hence makes it easier to incorporate your Instagram profile as well on your site. This is a very helpful choice for the users who are looking for ways in which they can have an all-round strategy for developing their promotional work for the business. Some of the major jQuery plug-ins which are very popular include Pongstgrm, jQinstapics, jQuery Instagram and many more.

How to use jquery?

It is easy to master provided you have some basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS as it is built incorporating parts of these website designing options. If you are trying to learn using jquery, there are many tutorials which can help you out. But for Instagram marketing, it is not elemental that you have to have proper knowledge of jquery. If you can use the plug-ins for Instagram developed with jQuery you can ensure that your works are successfully done.


There are many ways in which your website marketing can be carried out, and if you are new to the world of marketing, it can be difficult to use every potential marketing strategy. Jquery is a script for website designing which is also used for designing certain Instagram plug-in which is very helpful for promoting your content. It can be concluded that the jquery script is easy to master and with the basic concept of it you can make use of it for your marketing needs easily.