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2021 Audi e-tron is the Electric Vehicle of the Future

2021 Audi e-tron is the Electric Vehicle of the Future
March 24, 2021 Tom Clark

Luxury electric crossover is how one can best describe the Audi e-tron 2021. There might be several electronic vehicles in the market but none offer the comfort or luxuriousness that Audi’s e-tron offers. From its impeccable powertrain to refined driving and more, it is one of a vehicle that straddles in between present and future line. Before entering Morgan Hill Audi dealership, ensure knowing a few particular aspects of this car in detail.

Take a look!

Two electronic motors powers e-tron

E-tron comes with two motors, which are placed at rear and front axle. Working together they offer AWD electronic drivetrain; however, rear motor is responsible for performing most tasks that allows this vehicle to run smoothly without a hitch.

What’s most impressive is that both the electric motors combines generates 355 horsepower along with torque of 414 lb-ft, which is quite impressive for any EV. Nevertheless, the Sport mode allows this vehicle to go up to 402 HP and torque of 490 lb-ft.

Composed, smooth, and refined is how one can ideally describe the driving experience of e-tron. Its lively acceleration is a similar feature like other EVs in the market but the quiet and swift ride ensures that it is without a doubt a luxury EV.

What’s more impressive is its brake system; it is a combination of regenerative and traditional braking system. With an aggressive regenerative system, it is quite easy for people to make the car come to stop quite easily. With all these, this car also shows toughness of SUV by having the capability of towing 4000 pounds.

Fuel efficiency and battery details

EPA stated that 2021 e-tron will easily provide a combined mileage of 78 MPGe. However, the Sport back version will offer 77 MPGe, which are still better or similar to the numbers of other rival vehicles in this category.

The standard e-tron comes with 222 miles driving range, while Sportback model provides 218 miles. Though it might be similar or little less when compared with certain competitors, the e-tron is better than its rivals in every other aspect.

Each vehicle is equipped with DC fast-charger 150 kW battery. The best part about this is 80% of battery can be charged within 30 minutes. For it to be fully charged, one will have to plug it in a 240 volt and it will take 9 hours or so.

Interior and pricing

Apart from impressive technology equipped in this vehicle, the luxurious interior of Audi is a something to gaze at. High-resolution displays, digital gauge cluster, sophisticated and comfortable interior, etc. all these make every passerby gaze impressively. You can check it out yourself when visiting Morgan Hill Audi dealer.

Six models are available for people to buy; Premium ($66,995), Sportback Premium ($70,195), Premium Plus ($75,895), Sportback Premium Plus ($79,095), Prestige ($80,195), and Sportback Prestige ($83,395).

You can choose the best model according to your preference; however, for ideal experience, you should opt for Premium Plus or models of above tier. Thus, choose accordingly!