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Why Considering 2021 Mazda 6 is a Good Option for Mid-Size Car?

Why Considering 2021 Mazda 6 is a Good Option for Mid-Size Car?
March 23, 2021 Tom Clark

There are many reasons for which people are opting for the mid-size Mazda 6 2021 model. From its sturdy and stylish exterior to powerful engine, adequate mileage, and more makes people consider purchasing this vehicle. However, one of the reasons that attract people to buy it is Mazda 6’s elegance and class, which makes it stand above its rivals.

If you are looking for a mid-size car, have a look at this vehicle when in Mazda Corona dealership.It is one of a kind car that makes driving pleasurable for all and can be used for daily commuting as well as long drives for weekend trips or otherwise.

Interior, infotainment, cargo space, and more

  • Interior and cargo space

Since its look and elegance helps it stand apart, this is the first thing one should know about when discussing this vehicle. It is considered to be the most classy and elegant when compared with its rivals. The first notion that would come to an individual’s mind is that upscale interior looks much pricier than the car is.

From materials’ quality to design, detailing, selection of color, and more impresses whoever comes across it. The cabin is without a doubt a first rated work from Mazda and can be considered to be the best in this segment.

With such mesmerizing design, Mazda still kept in mind to offer same practicality as any other vehicle in this segment offers. Also, the trunk is spacious enough to accommodate 6 luggage (carry-ons); if rear seats are folded  then it can hold 17, which means it actually offer more space than other cars in this category.

  • Infotainment

Central console’s control knob is used for managing infotainment system and it looks similar to an Audi or BMW. Also, infotainment system provided is impressive and has a visual punch to it. In addition, command and menu is more than enough responsive as well as standard features include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay option.

Furthermore, a massive number of safety features and driver assistance tech has been made standard for the 2021 model. You can get detail by visiting Corona Mazda dealer.

Engine power

Four cylinder 2.5L or 2.5L turbocharged engine is what powers the Mazda 6. People can opt for either of these two, where 2.5L offers 187 HP while the turbocharged engine offers 250 HP. Moreover, using premium gas means one will have 10 more torque that takes the total torque to 320 lb-ft. In addition, both these engines are mated with automatic 6-speed that makes changing gears quite a swift operation for all.

Price to pay

With 6 trims to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming for people if they don’t know which one to purchase. The base version starts from $25,470. However, we should always opt for the model where turbocharged engine is either standard or equipping it is an option.

Thus, the three models which you should take a look atare the Grand Touring Reserve,Carbon Edition, and Signature. Take a test ride of these three and get whichever suits you best.

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