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what is called CBEC ?

what is called CBEC ?
March 25, 2021 Tom Clark

Cross-line internet business (CBEC) has been utilized to supply Chinese shoppers for a long time. However, it has been genuinely unregulated from numerous angles. On the main January 2019, the Chinese government provided, refreshed, and forced new principles on cross-line exchange:


  • The Cross-line E-trade Retail Imports Regulation (“The Circular”);
  • The Notice of Improving the Tax Policy of Cross-line E-business Retail Imports Regulation (“The Notice”); and
  • The Goods List of Cross-line E-business Retail Imports Regulation (“Goods List”).


CBEC is characterized in the Circular as Chinese homegrown buyers buying products from abroad by means of outsider stage administrators of CBEC and shipping the merchandise into the country through net-buying reinforced imports (B2B2C) or direct buying of imports (B2C). The merchandise bought should meet the accompanying measures:


Why CBEC is important?


Improvement of cross-line web-based business (CBEC) is one of the significant empowering influences of SME’s admittance to abroad market openings. The blast in China’s cross-line web-based business has been dramatic. It has made China the world’s biggest get line market with more than 200 million cross-line online customers. This article investigates the changes and the difficulties for SMEs to use China’s CBEC to discover and grow new clients in business sectors outside their homegrown ones. It plans to help little to medium ventures comprehend the extraordinary Chinese web-based business biological system and build up a fitting internet business technique that empowers them to enter the Chinese online business environment.


This examination uncovers that the huge development openings and difficulties for those SMEs ready for a business venture into the Chinese market through CBEC and offers a definite comprehension of China’s cross-line online business framework. SMEs are a significant and significant piece of the world economy as far as making a commitment to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and business. It is imperative to assist SMEs with understanding the meaning of a cross-line internet business biological system and build up a suitable internet business technique that empowers them to draw in with CBEC and engage them to expand the chances offered by CBEC in China.


Meaning Of Cross Border E-Commerce For SMEs


The aftereffect of a new report by the World SME Forum featured the significance of advancing cross-boundary online business stages and coordinations satisfaction administrations to interface with abroad market openings. The exploration result likewise shows that cross line online business brings the advantages of higher efficiency and better income and development to SMEs as they are presented to rivalry, best business practice, and trendsetting innovations.


The calculated structure of this exploration depends on another model of little and medium-size endeavors (SME) sending out created by the eBay Public Policy Lab research group.


The four key structure impedes in this new model of SME trading include:


  • Connectivity to the worldwide Internet at the lost expense and without guards


  • Global stage based promoting, commercial center, and installment administrations


  • Efficient, present-day, and “associated” bundle level coordination and conveyance administrations


  • Legal, administrative, and public strategy system supporting direct SME to buyer worldwide trade


The Chinese government has been very strong towards such exchanging model and during that time has given strategies to manage it. These guidelines began from an underlying notification in 2013 affirming that web-based business retail import through reinforced distribution center would be treated as close to home articles, and have gone similarly as the presentation of new measures in 2016 that likened the situation with retail imports to general exchange merchandise.



“To export your products in China, there are 3 main methods:

Universal Postal Union (UPU): An informal technique that allows you to send small parcels in China. It doesn’t require an import permit, but products may be subject to tax of up to 15/30/60% according to your product. The total product value must not exceed 1000 RMB for 6 products and needs to be checked concerning the restrictions and prohibitions terms of import in China (cf. FedEx website).

Import through B2C: A formal export model in which the package is declared via a platform to alert customs of its shipment. A good way to ship products such as food, cosmetics, and high-end consumer products.

In-bond import model: a bit more complicated, it requires the storage of exported products in a location such as Hong Kong or special areas for CBEC. This type of shipment corresponds to products such as consumer goods, low-value goods, or heavy goods vehicles.”