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11 Modern Ways to Upgrade Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

11 Modern Ways to Upgrade Your Hotel Marketing Strategy
November 24, 2020 Tom Clark

Did you know that traveling can boost people’s mental health? As a hotel owner, you’ll want to extend your marketing reach. If you’re eager to learn the best marketing strategies for hotels, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over a hotel marketing strategy.

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1. Focus on Safety in Hotel Marketing

Hotels in tagaytay need to highlight the hygiene and safety measures in place. Guests need to feel safe at your hotel.

Communicate hygiene and safety measures on social media and your website homepage. In your pre-stay communication, talk about your safety and hygiene measures as well.

Update descriptions on third-party platforms. Look into ways you can go above and beyond. Use contactless payments and check-ins.

2. Emphasize Leisure

You should also focus on highlighting leisurely stays in your marketing.

More people work from home than ever before. Cancellation of business events has made traveling difficult. You’ll need to shift the focus from business travel.

Leisure travel hasn’t gotten impacted on the same level. You can still appeal to leisure travelers.

Focus on groups of friends, couples, and families in your hotel marketing strategies. Use communication and distribution channels that will help you reach these people.

Highlight activities like trips to visit local landmarks or tours. Promote facilities that will appeal to the different groups of guests.

See how rival hotels are marketing their properties during this time as well.

3. Try Mobile Marketing

Hotels are beginning to move from their website to mobile marketing. A mobile app isn’t something every hotel needs.

Make sure you have an essential mobile website. This way, people can navigate the website on their phone. Make sure there’s a simple click to call button.

Integrate your booking engine. Develop an advanced mobile hotel website.

4. Focus on Local Travelers

With so many travel restrictions, people have to quarantine when entering the country. There’s a fear of international traveling.

Effective hotel marketing strategies bring in local guests. Highlight facilities like your meeting rooms, gym, or restaurant.

Promote one of your hotel rooms as a temporary office, ideal for those who have to work remotely.

Some hotels will also target local markets and food delivery services. Turn the food delivery into an experience. Elegantly present the food and include extras. Add candles, flowers, and more.

5. Highlight Flexible Cancellation Policies and Amenities

People feel more reluctant to stay in hotels during the pandemic.

Focus on what makes your hotel separate from competitor properties. Highlight your restaurant, nearby attractions, or the quality of your facilities.

Provide unique experiences. You don’t need to cut the rate of your rooms to bring in new guests. Offer massage services, bike rentals, free drinks, or room service for breakfast.

Guests also might feel worried about the coronavirus. Someone could end up rescheduling their stay or want to cancel their booking.

Offer a flexible cancellation policy when possible, and highlight it in your marketing.

6. Analyze Your Data

Capitalize on website data. Turn to tools like Google Analytics. Use this information to understand what demographics want to travel to your hotel. Your primary demographic might need to change.

Use your property management system to see what groups are in your customer base. Analyze the data. What demographics will travel? Which ones are least likely to travel?

What areas are weaknesses, and how can you address the issues? What growth potential does your hotel have?

When you know the answers, you can change your marketing message.

7. Make Sure You’re Searchable Online

Travelers will research hotels from their homes. If your hotel isn’t straightforward to find on the web, you’ll see fewer bookings.

Make sure your information is everywhere relevant to online booking. This way, people can find you when they need to book a place to stay.

8. National and Regional Press

Public relations is essential when reaching out to your domestic market. Build a strong relationship with editors and journalists of national and regional publications.

If the writer wants to do a travel story, you will be on the top of the list.

9. Connect With the Tourist Office

Head to the local tourism office and learn how they can better promote your hotel. Make sure you have a listing on their website.

Bring brochures to their office. Tourists can pick one up when they’re in town.

10. Hire a Sales Representative

A sales representative will work hard to make sure your hotel is on the local map. Your sales rep will go to local businesses and connect with them.

Visit current and prospective business clients. Bring them meaningful gifts and celebrate their business.

11. Don’t Forget About Social Media Platforms

Make sure you build a presence on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and even TikTok. Make the most of these various social media platforms.

You can go live on these platforms. Consider filming a tour of your hotel and upload it on your YouTube channel. Film different events that get held at your hotel. Air guests’ testimonials.

Consider reaching out to local influencers and invite them for a free night’s stay. The influencer will share their experience at your hotel with their massive following. You could see an increase in bookings.

Learn more about marketing and hotel revenue management.

Now You Know More About Hotel Marketing Strategy

We hope this guide on hotel marketing was helpful. Change up your hotel marketing strategy. Focus on reaching out to locals and highlighting your safety measures.

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