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Why you should buy 2021 Chevrolet Colorado?

Why you should buy 2021 Chevrolet Colorado?
April 20, 2021 Tom Clark

Abundance of pickup trucks in the market is available for people to choose, yet most opt for 2021 Chevrolet Colorado for various reasons. One of the reasons for people to purchase this vehicle is due to the fact that it has a better handling than most other vehicles in this category. Hence, before dropping inside Greenville Chevrolet dealership, look at certain specifics that would help you understand as to why you should buy this pickup.

Powerful engine with sufficient towing capacity

Different engines are equipped according to one’s need, which is why people love this truck. The base one is fitted with 4-cylinder automatic transmission (6-speed) for people wanting a minimal power supply. However, the other ones include a V6 that aids 308-hp when paired with automatic transmission (8-speed) and a diesel engine choice is also present, which is a 4-cylinder 2.8L engine that has the ability to create 369 lb-ft torque.

Most people opt for the diesel or V6 powertrain according to their need and avoid the base model to enjoy driving a real truck that has the ability of high towing capacity along with various other reasons. If you are looking for a powertrain that would be ideal for long cruising and certain other aspects, then should opt for the V6; nevertheless, diesel option would be ideal for people looking to have better fuel economy, more towing capacity, backcountry trekking, etc.

Now onto towing capability; the V6 can easily tow 7000 lbs, while the diesel option can tow 7700 lbs. However, the base Colorado can only carry up to 3500 lbs. However, one of the best features that have been added as a standard option in all Colorado models is trailer swaying control; it means that when brakes are applied on both trailer and truck if system feels that a trailer is excessively swaying or moving.

Now you will have to decide which powertrain will suit your need and decide accordingly when you contact Chevrolet Greenville dealer.

Comfortable interior

Spacious cockpit along with ample space for passengers makes it one of the best pickups people can choose. Interior is built in a way that it doesn’t look cheap at all and with an attractive finish that it can be compared with other costlier trucks. It cargo beds are voluminous that aids in carry ample amount of carry-ons or any other load that is required.

Cost of Colorado

The pricing starts from $26,400 approximately for the base truck. The LT and Z71 have been priced at $28,900 and $35,999 respectively. However, one of the most sought after and bought by people is the ZR2 which costs $43,800 approximately. Now you need to decide which one will be more suitable for you need.

Be it pricing, supreme powertrain, appealing interior, or towing capacity; 2021 Chevrolet Colorado is superior in all these approaches. This is why more people are opting to purchase 2021 Colorado instead of going for other pickups. If you need a truck for yourself or work purpose, then get this vehicle today!