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What you should know about the Coir Flooring Options

What you should know about the Coir Flooring Options
November 2, 2021 Tom Clark

When you consider shopping and finding a rug for your home, you would be spoilt for a choice of options. A majority of floor coverings have been made available in the market to suit your specific needs. You could find various kinds of designs, ranging from traditional to contemporary designs suitable to meet your specific home décor requirements. You would also be spoilt for a choice of various fibers and textures.

Contemporary technology could produce various kinds of floor coverings from all materials on the planet. It could be either organic or synthetic. You could also make the most of the unique option of purchasing a cotton canvas rug created to suit your décor perfectly in colors and size.

Benefits and drawbacks of synthetic materials

The benefits of synthetic materials provide them with enhanced durability and affordability. However, the drawbacks of these synthetic materials would often bring the presence of unwanted and foreign toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of the synthetic rugs. The prevalent trends believe in the use of natural materials in floor coverings. Most of these popular and organic materials would come from nature inclusive of coir, bamboo, seagrass, banana leaves, sisal, and animal skins and hair.

Where to look for eco-friendly flooring options

If you were searching for eco-friendly alternative flooring, Coir Floorcovering would be a great option. The coir flooring options would be derived from natural fiber and sustainable material from the coconut husks. However, when compared to the other available natural fiber flooring options, coir has been relatively inadequate. The flooring option could be found in the Indian and the Sri Lankan regions where coconut plantations have been in abundance.

The environment in these regions caters to you with suitable conditions for coconut to grow. It would also have a continuous supply of coir for various flooring options. While it might not have been much in demand due to the other available natural fiber flooring options, the coir doormats have been in great demand due to their resistance to moisture and durability feature.

Benefits of using coir floor coverings

The natural fiber of the coir material offers numerous benefits to the users. It would spoil you for a choice of options to improve your home appearance. The major reason for its popularity has been its durability. It would last for a significant length of time.

The coir would be your ideal flooring option for places with heavy foot traffic. The coir fibers have been rough and rigid. They would show no wear and tear signs despite being subjected to significantly heavy foot traffic.

Due to the naturally produced coir fibers, there would be no chemicals and pesticides used in the production of these flooring options. It would be a great option for households where one or more members have been suffering from asthma or allergies.

Due to the tough fibers, the coir flooring options have been resistant to the formation of mold and mildew when exposed to moisture and water for a significant length of time.

It would be relatively easier to maintain, as vacuuming the coir flooring option would be adequate to make it appear new again. Use a dry cloth to wipe the spilled water on the coir floorings.

The coir floorings are environmentally friendly due to their manufacturing from sustainable materials.