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The Importance of Channel Sales Training in Singapore

The Importance of Channel Sales Training in Singapore
February 13, 2020 Tom Clark

Selling indirectly through channel partners is the most prolific channel of distribution across Asia. More than anywhere in the world, Asian manufacturers tend to rely on channel sales partners to localize and sell their products in regional and local markets.

This of course reflects the enormous growth in manufacturing in the region. Various reports confirm that a third of the world’s consumer packaged goods growth between 2018 and 2023 will come from Asia, and will account for almost 35 per cent of the global industry share by 2022.

The centre of all of this for many manufacturers is of course Singapore. Many global manufacturers base their regional headquarters for the Asia region in Singapore and run their sales operations from here. As a result, it is not surprising that there is significant interest in channel sales training from Singapore.

According to the National University of Singapore blog, the Channel Institute is the leader in providing channel sales training for channel professionals based in Singapore. The Institute delivers multiple training courses for channel business professionals including the Certificate in Channel Sales, the Certificate in Channel Management, the Certificate in Channel Marketing and the Certificate in Digital Co-Marketing. All of the courses are delivered wholly Online Sales and there is an exam at the end which must be passed in order to achieve the status of “Certified Professional” with the Institute.

Other training organizations that do not specialize in the channel also provide channel sales training courses in Singapore. Miller Heiman, Richardson and RAIN Group all offer generic channel sales courses amongst their portfolio of various training topics.

Clearly, indirect channels are the future of sales growth in the Asian regions and channel sales models will continue to play a significant role for growing businesses. Companies that ensure their channels team understand best practices by completing channel sales Better Content Marketer training courses will gain a winning edge over their slower rivals.