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Putting Mobile First – Acing the Mobile Search Game

Putting Mobile First – Acing the Mobile Search Game
November 27, 2020 Tom Clark

If you have started working on a new marketing campaign, one thing you should be thinking about is how to optimize your client’s presence on mobile.

Mobile marketing has evolved from being just another tenet in digital marketing to becoming a key part of mainstream campaigns. Over the course of the last decade, the percentage of online users using mobile devices to come online has increased. People have started using their phones more and more for things they used their computers for. From making payments to shopping online and using social media platforms, people now prefer the ease and speed of their mobile devices compared to the stationary nature of desktops and laptops.

Thus, it falls upon digital marketers to make sure the digital properties they are promoting are sustainable and compatible with mobile devices. There are many different aspects one needs to keep in mind while focusing on enhancing mobile presence. The first is optimizing content for mobile search. The second is creating a website that is highly intuitive for mobile use.

In digital marketing institutes, students are given extensive training on how they need to push a mobile-first approach. In this article, we discuss the two key facets of mobile marketing, search and website interface, and how they have to be optimized for improving the presence of a brand on mobile devices.

Mobile Search

The first step for enhancing the presence of mobile devices is optimizing the mobile search. The only platform a marketer should think about while optimizing content for the mobile search of Google.

There are many different factors that go into optimizing a given piece of content for mobile search. Besides writing SEO-optimal content which is a general requirement, SEOs must make sure the title is short and appealing, as is the meta description, to optimize the CTR and improve the ranking of a website on SERPs.

Ranking high on mobile SERPs is closely linked with website-related factors such as load-time, ease mobile navigation, and website speed.

Mobile-Friendly Website

In order to build a mobile-friendly website, SEOs have to take care of a lot of factors.

The first step is making sure the size of the text is easy for a person to read. Make sure no pop-ups or ads from the sidebar interrupt the website experience. The menu button should always be present on each page, as should the home button to offer a visitor better navigation.

One thing digital marketers have to keep in mind is that many mobile users access their mobile website with cellular data. Thus, it is vital to have images that are optimized for size to ensure they load easily. Making content compatible with AMP is also a great idea and ensures website speed is never a problem. Building a good mobile version of a website helps immensely in getting higher SERPs.

In Conclusion

No one doubts the importance of getting mobile search and marketing right these days. Even though there has been an increased emphasis on fields like mobile SEO, there is still a need for marketers to delve deeper into enhancing mobile presence. This article discusses some ways of acing the mobile search game.

About the Author – Ritesh Ranjan is an expert at digital marketing having built his company with the help of cogent marketing principles. Currently, he works at as a content strategist. has consistently been regarded as the best place to go for a digital marketing course in Delhi.