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How to Vape: A Basic Guide for Beginners

How to Vape: A Basic Guide for Beginners
December 26, 2020 Tom Clark

Are you new to the world of vaping? Like many people starting out, you may be wondering if a vape is used in the same way as a cigarette. While it won’t harm to use it that way, there are some methods you should know to increase its effectiveness.

Once you have the vape device, you need to know what liquid to select and how to inhale it. Below, we present our must-know guide on how to vape.

Selecting the Right Liquid

When starting out, sticking with a high-quality liquid is always the best choice, even if it costs a little more. Other brands may not have the flavor or smoke consistency, and it may put you off vaping altogether. You also need to ensure the manufacturer is providing you with a safe product using the best ingredients.

Once you have the brand, determine your nicotine strength. If you are giving up smoking, this will be based on how much you smoked before the change. There are a number of calculators online that can help you work out the strength you need.

Once you have this, choose a flavor. This is the enjoyable part and is totally down to personal preference. Stores such as Granite Vapor have huge selections and will be able to advise and assist you.

How to Vape

Now you have your device and liquid, you can begin using the vape. The first thing to remember is that a vape is not a cigarette and does not have to be inhaled like one. Nicotine can actually be absorbed through the gums and does not require inhalation.

Take long, slow drags on the vape. Shorter ones will not allow enough liquid to heat, and you won’t get the full flavor. Short drags can also result in occasional ingestion of excess e-liquid, which is not pleasant.


You now have two methods in which you can inhale the vape should you wish. The first one is closer to the way in which you would take a cigarette and is great for anyone who begins the process of quitting smoking. It is good for vapes with high resistance coils.

Start by drawing a long, slow breath into your mouth and hold it. After a few seconds, open your mouth and draw the vape into your lungs. You can exhale once the vape has gone fully and is in your lungs.

For larger vapes with a lower nicotine level, taking it directly to the lungs is another popular method. In this method, you take a long slow drag, and without holding it in the mouth, take it back to the lungs right away. Unlike a cigarette in which the hit is almost instant, vaping can take up to 30 seconds for the body to absorb the nicotine and give you the hit you need.

Start Slowly

When learning how to vape, start slowly. Begin with a few vapes in small sessions. If you are giving up smoking, you may find that infrequent sessions are not offering enough nicotine and you can then up the number of times you vape.

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