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How to Find a Music Production Style

How to Find a Music Production Style
August 20, 2019 Tom Clark

Music production is an arena where originality is scarce and yet very important. One thing that every renowned music producer has successfully managed to do is come up with his or her unique style. This step usually separates them from the masses and makes their productions very unique. That is why, as a music producer, you need to create your style that people will use to identify your music without making any guesses. So how do you find a music production style?

Use your favourite producer as a reference point
The starting point of every great producer is a reference point. That means trying to create your beats like someone else. Some even go ahead and recreate the rhythms of their mentors. This is not a bad thing at all, and in fact, it is a widespread phenomenon. Just make sure that in the process of emulating your favourite producer, you end up generating your style. You should also note that at among the key to finding your style is studying your reference point so that you get to know what makes him or her unique. Use that to come up with your style.

Be confident in your production
Confidence is vital when it comes to music production. You need to believe in yourself before someone else believes in you. This means that whenever you come up with something, don’t let your head convince you that it is not good enough. That will only leave you hating everything that you do. The basics of how to find your sound are appreciating every output you come up with. So make sure that you maintain positive energy by having the confidence to own whatever you create. That is how you will slowly develop your music.

Make use of different styles
Don’t just dwell on what is going on in the industry. You can decide and branch out by mixing two different methods to come with your unique sound. For instance, you can be creating pop music only to come across MIDI packs with great afro beats that go well with your tune. Don’t be afraid, mix them up, and see what you come up with. It is one way of not only developing your unique style but also transforming the industry as well.

Try different things
Most people come to the scenes to produce a specific type of music. This might be hip-hop, rock music, or ragga dancehall. For you to develop your unique tunes, you need to branch out. Don’t pigeon hole yourself. Instead, try everything available in the music world and see what works well for you. You can go to a different genre which is entirely different from what you are used to. Midi packs can help here. That is how you will end up developing your unique sound that your fans will identify with anytime your music is played.

Always listen to people’s opinion
A good music producer always listens to people’s views. Within the bittersweet comments that you will hear from people, someone somewhere will mention how unique your music is and in what way. Remember that you will not be able to know whether you are advancing or not until someone tells you. It is thus essential that you always listen to their comments.

Developing a unique sound is very difficult. But if you are passionate and patient enough, you will be able to do it in no times. Make sure you follow the tips mentioned above and come up with a style that will not only thrill your fans but also transform your music a great deal.