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Gamification in the Workplace: How Employees Can Boost Productivity

Gamification in the Workplace: How Employees Can Boost Productivity
December 17, 2020 Tom Clark

This year has been especially difficult for employees to grow within the industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, gamification in the workplace, whether at the office or at home, has provided employees the chance to continue learning, growing, and mostly, working harder at their job positions. What is gamification exactly?

In simple terms, gamification is when game-like elements are implemented in the workplace environment. The goal of gamification is to increase motivation, healthy competitivity, ambition, and most importantly, happiness. There are several benefits to gamification aside from making work more fun, and today, we’re going to discuss a few.


To keep track of all employees and make sure everyone is receiving their proper training can be tough, especially now that most of them are working from their homes. Using games such as trivia or specific apps can help keep the employees remain engaged while helping them learn new skills and increase their knowledge in their current job positions.


When employees are instantly rewarded for guessing the correct answer in a trivia or any other game, it provides them with a sense of accomplishment, motivating them to keep going. Keeping track of the points they earn and accumulating enough to purchase any rewards provided by the employer creates a fun and healthy, competitive spirit.


A monotonous work environment not only slows down the pace at work but bores the life out of the employees, which creates an unproductive setting. Having games in the workplace keeps the employees fully engaged and allows them to distract themselves from any personal problems they may be facing in their lives. There are apps specifically designed for this purpose so be sure to check it out!

Improves Focus

When participating in a game-like element for work, the employees are motivated to earn rewards, store up points, and master any skills that they’re currently working on. This increases their focus 100%, making them fully devoted to their activity.

Prevents Burnout

A recent study showed that 23% of 7,500 full-time employees felt burnt out. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to help their employees become more productive yet, at the same time, feel mentally rested. Gamification has shown to be one of the greatest methods to keep the employees active while receiving that much needed mental break.

Makes Boring Tasks Fun

There are always those annoying small tasks no one likes to do around the office. By making a game out of them, offering instant recognition and rewards, employees can adopt a whole new perspective on those pesky tasks, encouraging them to complete them without hesitation.

Promotes Teamwork

One of the common struggles at a workplace is having a collaborative team. Gamification has shown to bring employees together and fulfill tasks as one, creating a positive team spirit at the workplace. Having games that require employees to work together to reach a specific goal undoubtedly brings a positive team spirit into the workplace.

Start Implementing Gamification in the Workplace

Evaluate your team of professionals and analyze whether or not they need a change of pace. Gamification in the workplace might be what your employees need and, mostly, what your company needs. At the end of the day, a team of motivated, happy employees makes a team of productive, hard-working employees.

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