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Different types of China inspection and services

Different types of China inspection and services
June 12, 2021 Tom Clark

Many people prefer to outsource their products from other countries like China because of the low cost of production and low labor charge. But when you are working with a manufacturing unit outside your country, quality control should be first on your priority list. When you are outsourcing a product, you need to plan the proper inspection. You can use the quality control companies to check the complete background of the manufacturing unit. Product inspection should be done before your products ship from the manufacturer. It should be prevented pre-emptively before the issue turns into the biggest problem. Products need to be checked before they ship to their purchaser.

There are different types of product inspection method that one needs to follow:

  • Pre-production product inspection
  • During production inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Pre-production checking

Pre-production is a different type of inspection that takes place usually before shipment when the production process is going on.


Pre-production or early production usually a point of work when 20% of production work is finished. It is the process for immediate judgement. It checks the real capacity of the production, level of preparation etc. It is a thorough process to identify the problems while there anything to change, rectify anything. This is the ideal time to check because the manufacturer may get enough time to rectify the issues or adjust the issues. Inspectors provide the report that comes with detailed information on finished goods at a realistic timeline. They check thoroughly the raw materials used for the work and ensure that the company is working as per contract and using the right materials, right components and packaging.

During production

The next is the DUPRO or during production inspection. A good China inspection service company will offer the best checking during the production also. This type of checking is very much important when you are dealing with a company for the first time or the company is new in the market. The inspectors visit the manufacturing unit when the production is reached a 20% to 60% completion level, they will give you a detailed look at the manufacturing process, workflow and material usage. It should check the quantity because continuous production can bring a huge difference in quality level. To ensure the best quality, inspectors of an inspection company visit the manufacturing site and check the quality of every product and send reports to the purchaser. This is a very much effective process to identify the manufacturing issues and rectifying the delays, preventing the quality issues.

Pre-shipment checking

This is the final part of checking that can be done by the inspectors. It may take place when 80% or 100% of work is finished. This is an onsite check that most of the offsite company prefers to complete before receiving any product. Based on the report, they send the ratings like hold, accepted or rejected. They get information on failure and thus rethink the manufacturer. To maintain the quality of product and standard, these steps are very much important.