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How to Promote Healthy Habits in Your Child

How to Promote Healthy Habits in Your Child
June 3, 2021 Tom Clark

Raising a child is one of the most difficult and most rewarding things you can do. Shaping a new generation with your examples and influence is a responsible task which many people fear to fail.

However, nobody says you have to do it alone. The human civilization is so advanced exactly because we’re able to cooperate and help each other out.

One of the burning questions that many parents struggle with is how to develop healthy habits in their children, especially when there is a whole industry geared to keeping them pretty inactive in front of screens, eating junk food full of sugar.

So, how do you fight against it and how do you instill some healthy habits in children? Here are some useful ideas from Uptown Jungle Peoria.

Be the Change You Want to See

Probably one of the most important takeaways from this article should be is that you are the role model to your children. Whether you know it or not, they watch everything you do and model their behavior based on that. Not just now, but also later in life.

That means that any change and any positive habit you want to instill in your child will be easiest and most effectively done by leading by example. Whether it is studying, eating, being active, or anything else – embody the healthy habits you want to see in your children and you’re on the right track.

Promote Healthy Family Activities

In the same vein as the previous point, giving your children some healthy stimulation is best done as a family. Children enjoy family activities because they are accustomed to that dynamics from the earliest age.

Physical activity is very important for everyone, but especially children who are still developing. Indoor playgrounds are an excellent way to have your children be physically active while they are safe and kept a close eye on. You can give them plenty of motivation while they jump on trampolines, climb walls, use zip lines, or do any number of other activities available.

Don’t Use Food/Candy as a Reward

This is a pitfall that many parents fall into. They promise candy to children if they will just behave during a grocery run, or if they clean their room. However, most experts agree that this is a bad approach. It may lead to them associating food, especially unhealthy food with success or reward – something you don’t really want them to do.

On the other hand, it can also be counter-productive to ban foods, because they may just want those foods even more, especially when they are out of your sight. Most experts suggest to keep food neutral – as sustenance which we all need in moderation.

Talk to Them about Healthy Habits in Simple Terms

You may not know this, but children are capable of grasping very complex concepts if you can explain them in a simple way. Treating your child as an equal in this conversation can go a long way.

Putting important concepts such as the importance of physical activity or drinking enough water may seem like a challenge, but if you just boil it down to the basics, your children will be able to understand it. If you combine this approach with other suggestions in this article, you’re likely to succeed in your task.

Keep talking to your children about the importance of healthy living and how they are applying what they have learned in their daily lives – if you give them constant encouragement and stay involved in the story of healthy living, so will your children.