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Business Advertising 101: How to Get Yourself Seen

Business Advertising 101: How to Get Yourself Seen
January 2, 2021 Tom Clark

No matter what you do, it feels like your Online Event business isn’t getting noticed online. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, it’s harder than ever to stand out on Google and social media. However, it’s essential to invest the time in mastering the online space, since it’s likely where your audience is.

Amazingly, research shows that at least 76% of US adults have shopped online, with 25% doing so at least once a month. If you want to capture a part of this lucrative market, then you need to understand online business advertising.

Are you ready to grow your Business App by getting more notice online? If so, keep reading to learn exactly how you can increase your reach online and improve your sales.

Master SEO

If you want to get noticed, you need to help your business stand out on Ecommerce. If you’re looking for a new business or service, chances are, the first thing you do is turn to Google.

How can your business get found when users are searching online? The answer is SEO, or search engine optimization.

You want to optimize your website so that it ranks highly online, leading to increased traffic and new leads. SEO can take a while to master, so it’s worth getting started as soon as you can.

We recommend reading up on SEO for more detail, but to succeed with SEO, you’ll need to write high-quality content, have an organized layout and structure to your site, use keywords effectively, and build external links to your page.

While you’re working on your website, also make sure it works effectively on all digital devices, including smartphones. If a website isn’t mobile-optimized, the formatting won’t look right and users on their phones are likely to look elsewhere.

In 2019, 52% of all web traffic came from smartphones, with that number continuing to grow. If your business isn’t catering to mobile phone users, you’re missing out on a big chunk of the market.

Check that your company’s website looks great on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. If it doesn’t, either update your website theme or talk to your web designer about making changes.

Maximize Your Social Media Presence

If getting more customers is a struggle for your business, you need to put more effort into social media. All businesses, large or small, should have dedicated social media pages across all the major platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Depending on your audience and industry, you may also want to try out Pinterest or TikTok.

Why is social media so important? From a marketing perspective, you can create digital advertisements and campaigns directly through the platforms, specifically targeting social media users who might like your product.

You can set your own budget when creating a new ad, then target the demographics or location of users most likely to click on your ads. The ads might drive traffic to your website or social media page, encouraging them to sign up for a contest, see a special offer, or check out your latest product.

Social media is also essential for connecting with your loyal customer base, keeping them engaged and interested. Try to post on social media at least a few times per week, so that the algorithms keep showing your content to your followers.

Try Out Email Marketing

What happens when someone visits your website, looks around, but doesn’t make a sale. Are they lost forever? Not with email marketing!

Ideally, your business wants to have an email list that you can use for email marketing. Try to offer a hook or incentive for someone to sign up to your mailing list, such as a discount on their first purchase.

That way, you can include them in your email marketing campaigns. An email list is generally made up of previous customers or warm leads—those who haven’t purchased yet but might in the future.

You can email them about new promotions, holiday sales, or exciting new products—hopefully, they’ll read your email, like what they see, and head over to your website to learn more.

If done well, email marketing can be very effective. There are plenty of email marketing platforms that you can use to manage your mailing lists and run campaigns, giving you data such as open rates and A/B testing options.

Popular options include Mailerlite and Mailchimp, to name a few—most email marketing platforms offer both free and paid options, so smaller businesses may not need to pay for an account.

Learn More About Online Business Advertising

Another important digital marketing tool is online ads. You’ve likely noticed online ads before, such as when you search for something on Google and ads show up before the actual search results.

You can create these ads for your business through the Google Ads Network. You can set your own budgets and goals, with many ad networks working via RTB—check out the RTB meaning.

Essentially, it stands for real-time-bidding, a method of instantly buying and selling advertising space on websites and search engines.

If this is new to you, it’s best to work with a digital ad expert to help you set up your first few campaigns, ensuring you’re spending your ad budget wisely.

Start a Blog

A great free or low-cost ad technique is to start a blog on your website. Think of each new blog post as an opportunity to attract new customers to your website.

Blog posts should be well-written, thorough, and meet reader intent. That is, if someone is searching online and finds your blog, you want it to answer all their questions.

Blogs should also be written with SEO in mind, helping them rank highly on Google searches.

Blogs also help establish your company as an expert in the field, which can help you get noticed. Ideally, you want to post new blogs regularly and also share them across your social media accounts, to help extend their reach.

Use Influencer Marketing

Depending on the nature of your business, you might find that influencer marketing can work well. If you have a product you’re looking to sell, you can find influencers (those with large networks on social media or popular blogs), and pay them to promote your product to their audience.

Their audience will want to learn more and will check out your product for themselves. It can work very well, but you need to find influencers who have a similar audience to your own demographic.

If it’s not a good match, their followers probably won’t be interested in what you’re selling. Look for influencers, especially those on Instagram or YouTube, that have not only a big following but an engaged one—comments are often a better indicator of influence than likes or follower numbers.

Set Up Your Profile on Google My Business

A fantastic free tool for any business is Google My Business. It’s an easy to use, no-cost tool set up by Google to help businesses stand out in searches and on Google Maps.

It also makes it easier for customers to leave reviews or ask questions about your business, which can improve customer service and make it easier for clients to connect with you. You can also add photos of your business and verify your location and opening hours.

Build Backlinks to Your Website

Another key way to help your business grow online is by linking with other websites. This is something you can do to help your website’s SEO.

Essentially, you want to build backlinks to your website—external links on another website that link back to your own. Google sees backlinks as a marker of authority, so the more links you can build up, the better it is for your website.

How can you get other websites to link back to yours? Writing guest posts is one popular strategy, and you can also work with digital marketing companies to help

However, if you consistently produce great content, you’ll find that backlinks start happening organically, as other websites start to see the value in your content.

Grow Your Online Business With These Tips

If your company is struggling with getting noticed, use these business advertising tips to stand out online. While it’s true that there is plenty of competition on the internet, knowing these skills can give your company the best chance of being discovered.

Get started today by creating a digital marketing plan for your business, outlining your goals and everything you’ll do to reach them. If it’s new to you, working with an SEO or digital marketing company can be a good way to check that you’re on the right page.

Once you start your new marketing strategy, you’re sure to see changes within the coming months. We predict increased sales, new leads, and higher website traffic, so get started today!

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