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Awesome Things You Need To Know About Inflatable Planets

Awesome Things You Need To Know About Inflatable Planets
January 24, 2022 Tom Clark

Every colourful planet (and sun) swells easily, so building your solar system won’t take long. Rent a planet or the entire solar system from us, we can provide end-to-end event management and are proud to be constantly working on special projects and inflatable art installations. While we were there, we decided to make inflatable models of all the planets in our solar system. We created these giant solar system balloons for concerts and special events.

The colour and design of this stunning set is based on actual images of the planets as seen from space, including cloud cover and weather systems. This gigantic prop will create another worldly impression at your large scale event with visually stunning artwork. Discover rotation, revolution and orbit in three dimensions with this durable washable solar system set. Our giant balloons can be printed and customized to look like giant inflatable LED planets.  Learning Resources The Inflatable planets is an inflatable solar system that is a great way for your child to learn with their hands. Also, don’t miss the fun solar system game that teaches kids the names of the planets, their rotations, and the time it takes for a planet to orbit the sun.

Each colourful planet (and sun) expands easily and provides rings for easy hanging. The diameter of the planets varies from 80 centimetres to 10 meters and can be larger if desired. We could create an inflatable Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and even an inflatable moon. These inflatable planets would also make great decorations for corporate or holiday parties.

In addition to blurry photos, this inflatable Jupiter boasts great detail thanks to the high resolution graphics that have been used for it. Our little blue planet is full of life and wonders, so we decided to make inflatable versions. Inflatable planets are perfect for planetariums and other science-related museums, where these hanging props can really capture the imagination of kids and adults alike. It shows the position, order, size and shape of each planet, moon and sun.

Our designers have the ability to create high-quality artwork and apply it to almost any inflatable shape. Cold air inflatable boats have an internal ventilation system that constantly blows air into the inflatable hull, which must be constantly connected. With over 25 years of custom inflating experience, we’re confident you’ll get a beautiful and durable product.

So these inflatables require either an internal ventilation system or an external pump, depending on the style of the inflatable. Please note that once used, these balloons are non-repossessable. We cannot help with store order details, but we can help with technical issues. In addition to the educational aspect, the solar system’s crystal ball can also act as a night light. You just need to tie them up and hang them on your mobile phone or shoebox. Have your child repeat the names of the planets over and over to help retain knowledge.

Schools will be informed of transport options before orders are processed. This thoughtful spaceship behaviour chart is a great way to encourage your kids to reach for the stars.