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All about Robotic Process Automation

All about Robotic Process Automation
September 18, 2018 Tom Clark

In the last some years the technology has grown to new heights, and in the present scenario, there is almost no avenue left where one cannot find the use of various technologies. From the army to medical and education to manufacturing everywhere one can find the use of various machines. Adding to this trend now there will be more sophisticated machines known as Robots will be there. India is in the prime pace of becoming the Robotic process automation (PRA ) capital, because of the talent pool available. There is a boom in employment in this area and will generate around 2 lac jobs in 2021.

What is Robotic process automation anyways? Robotic process automation is known as the application of technology that allows a person to create a software or a ‘robot’ that can construe the already existing applications for various functions like manipulating data or communicating with other digital systems. It means now businesses would soon employ ‘robots’ and depend upon their efficiency to achieve their targeted turnovers. Many segments are choosing automation at various levels.

In this fast-growing techno world, prioritisation and time management plays a very crucial factor in sustaining a successfully working business. Automation goes hand in hand here. People are captivated by the idea of automation. As the knowledge is expounding so is the requirement. Everyone wants the work to be done quickly, efficiently and error-free. Today every arena is on the lookout for change. There are many robotic automation companies in India, which would provide the required outcome to make a business into what is called ‘automatic’. The companies and the household are equally adapting to automation. There is a wave of automation.

Why choose Robotic Process Automation

With automation in every field its worthwhile to know why do we need to automate. Automating any function that needs human aid has many benefits. To begin with, all the human error is almost eliminated. Automating any process does away with the dependency on human intelligence on routine tasks. It is an automated process and goes on the same routine with minimum human err and when this is considered on a larger scale we can expect a great margin in the productivity.

Although automation is in the preference right now, it has not threatened human employment, rather roared it. Still, there are studies which show that automation may pull down the BPO business.  Again it cannot be assured.

The process:

As it is a program, it would not get sick nor tired quickly, so the process runs for a longer period. However, for the periodic service, there are robotic process automation service providers available.

Multitasking is another feather in the hat for automation. When a process is automated many other functions are checked simultaneously and the throughput of the business on the high. Apart from multitasking its worthwhile to understand that the software can also perform some of the intricate functions where human may not be able to perform, like some of the surgeries.

To sum up, Robotic Process Automation has not only quickened all functions but is on the way of providing desirable employment to the next generation.