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5 Types of Edibles and Which Is Right for You

5 Types of Edibles and Which Is Right for You
January 15, 2021 Tom Clark

Smoking and vaping are not the only ways to get high.

The damage they can cause is not limited to your lungs. And the smell alone can turn some people off. The war on smoking will always be there, but for marijuana, there are many alternatives.

The types of edibles available means you simply don’t have to join the fight.

#1 Cannabis Capsules

Cannabis capsules are the most discreet way to ingest cannabis on this list. It’s literally weed in pill-form.

Originally created for patients, it’s much simpler and convenient. Now, with the legalization of marijuana, you no longer need a prescription.

Purchasing capsulized cannabis is fairly easy as well. You can buy them online like from Or at almost any place that sells marijuana.

Capsules are for the subtle who don’t want a lot of mess to get high.

#2 Tinctures

Tinctures are the second most discreet. They also allow for a much more exact measuring of dosage.

They are still considered edibles. But the drops will be absorbed rather than ingested. Typically, you would absorb them orally, but there are some that can be absorbed through your skin.

Either way, this alcohol-based marijuana extract is very fast-acting. It goes directly to your bloodstream, so you’ll be feeling the effects in mere minutes.

Tinctures are for the subtle who also like more control and don’t want to wait.

#3 Cannabinoid Powder

Cannabinoid powder can be applied to a lot of things.

They’re great when you’re wanting to ingest marijuana by food or drink. But you don’t want the entire dish or pitcher to become an edible.

This is because it’s dissolvable. And that alone gives you a lot more options.

With this, now you can turn almost anything into an edible. And it comes with the benefit of not having any of the taste or smell.

Cannabinoid powder is good for those who want an old fashion edible without all the work.

#4 Drink

Drinking gets marijuana into the bloodstream faster, cutting your wait time quite a bit.

But it can be a difficult process to infuse cannabis into your beverages. You also want to be safe about it. You don’t want to pair it with alcohol but rather things like tea, or soda.

This is for those who don’t to just subtle, but covert.

#5 Food

Food is the classic marijuana edible.

Foods like brownies, muffins, and cookies are perfect for cannabis. Their sweet flavor covers a lot of the taste or smell that might come with it. They’re even still featured in a lot of media and cinema.

But baked goods aren’t the only foods you can turn into an edible. You can have a cannabis burger, pizza, or even gum.

Food edibles are for those who want to bring some recreation fun into their kitchen.

Start With These Types of Edibles

Use this guide to pick which you will try first! Go now and shop for these different types of edibles.

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