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Write off the council tax debts with a simple procedure

Write off the council tax debts with a simple procedure
December 26, 2018 Simon Hopes

It isn’t easy to manage your finances and most of the people end up in making mistakes as they take huge debts. It is not easy to do your economic management when you are in debts and that’s why you need to have a proper planning so that you can pay the tax debts on time. If you don’t want to face any financial crisis in your life, then you should know the way to clear your debts as soon as possible.

What are the steps to calculate your total sum of debt?

If you want to calculate the sum of debt, then you can decide to do it with the help of IVA calculator. After this, you will be jumped to the next question in which you will need to answer the number of debts you have. You will be asked about your employed status in the third question of the IVA calculator. After this, you will need to select your country and then you can make your account by adding the telephone number and email address with the contact number. After making your account, you can know about the total sum of your debt.

Can you write the council tax debts?

Yes, you can definitely write off council tax debt but it totally depends on some of the important factors like:

  • It is important that you have got your council approved and some of the councils can help you to get some percent of council debts.
  • If you have a regular income of 800 Euros or more, then you can get these tax debts.
  • You need to fill the Individual Voluntary Arrangement if you want to write your council debts. In the period of five years, you will need to pay the taxes and then the remaining amount would be written off after which you won’t have any debt on yourself.

So, you can easily write your council tax debts without any difficulty. You should also know the fact that tax council bailiffs have more power than a debt collector. They can come to your home anytime by giving one day notice. It means if you will leave the door open, then they can definitely enter your home. They can remove the goods from your home without taking your permission.

If you don’t want them to enter your home, then you will need to ignore all the misleading information and websites which reveals that you can ignore all this hassle because it is never easy to get rid of your debts if you are not prepared for it. You will need to enter into IVA after which the bailiff won’t be able to come to your house or office in a legal way. The won’t be able to seize your goods if you will enter into IVA. So, nothing can be better than saving your money on IVA services. You are definitely going to like the services provided by the council tax debt services with which you can get rid of financial problems within five years.