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Wooden watches For Men: A perfect Birthday Gift

Wooden watches For Men: A perfect Birthday Gift
November 5, 2019 Tom Clark

Finding the perfect birthday gift for your man is very difficult.

Two years ago, on Jordy’s birthday, I was looking for a personalized gift that you could use for a long time.

Judy loves the forest and can always be outside regardless of the weather, so it was ideal to find something useful made of wood.

About Wood watch

In my research, I quickly found the Dutch brand WoodWatch – just as it is – to create handmade timepieces.

Like us, they value the environment and support trees for everyone by supporting tree planting in the Philippines.

The mens wooden watches offer a variety of watches. I chose the CORE series. It allowed me to plan my watch.

The design section offers four types of wood: maple, zebra, red and green sandalwood. I chose Zebarwood because it was unique. To be honest, it was very difficult to choose a color that appealed to everyone.

We did not focus on vegan products as they are now, but we decided to add another leather belt so that Jordi could sometimes replace the strap.

I do not remember it being available two years ago, but now I have the option of choosing a nylon belt.

The CORE range is available in two sizes, 45mm in diameter, which prefers a larger watch than men.

A gift from WoodWatch

Earlier this year I spoke to the WoodWatch team and sent me two hours to share photos on social media. Jordi chose the core ebony for men and turned to Femme Maplewood with a rose gold decoration.

My watch is lighter and more elegant. I like it because it is not high and the wrist is too thin. Jordy’s watch is huge. We both love the look of other watches, especially the strong contrast of the colors!

Some of the products you buy online may not be as real and impressive as the pictures you see on the Internet, but these watches are great.

It is also great to see how WoodWatch continues to expand its reach. When I purchased my first Jordi watch, the collection was very limited. By choosing the second pair a little later in the year, there were already many options. While writing this review browsing their website, I saw two new domains added to the list.

Luxury watch

They are so lightweight that they are perfect for everyday wear. Choose both colors to match most clothes and fit any outfit.

Consider that not all timepieces are the same, though there are all the major reasons to get a timepiece. Especially when steel watches have cheap wood veneers. It is important to make sure you have a 100% natural wooden watch.