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Why should we play games?

Why should we play games?
May 31, 2018 Simon Hopes

Today, most of the people play games no matter how old you are, from children to adults. It is so popular that certain game websites have been blocked in many schools and offices to prevent them from study and work distraction. However, there are still many unblocked game sites for them to visit. Enjoying their favorite games like strike force heroes 2 on unblocked games is no longer a big problem.

In fact, stopping the appeal of games is inadvisable and impossible. Playing games somewhat brings to you many benefits:

  1. Reduce stress: a recent study tracking the players over 6 months and measuring their heart rate showed that certain tiles could reduce the adrenaline by over 50%. Not only do video games reduce stress but also help to kill boredom at school or at work.
  2. Improve coordination: when people play video games, they are not just staring at their computer screen passively. The actions and activities they see on the screen can provide lots of mental stimulation. Whenever playing, a person needs to coordinate his/her audial, visual and physical movement.
  3. Ease pain: it is conventional to focus on the other things as well as the other body mechanisms if you want to distract yourself from pain. This is one of the great benefits of the game as a great post-injured prescription. Actually, playing games can produce a response helping to kill the pain in our highest cortical systems. It would be extremely greater if that game is highly immersive. This is also the reason for the future use of virtual reality systems expectedly used in hospitals as a hand sanitizer.
  4. Offer a career boost: this is because there are many games which can encourage and help you improve your leadership skills – providing for “securing their safety”, “community” and so on – some recent research have shown that the players can display a motivation which correlates to the one of their career goals in the real world.