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Why monitoring of pregnancy kicks assumes a lot of importance

Why monitoring of pregnancy kicks assumes a lot of importance
December 27, 2018 Simon Hopes

With a baby kick counter you can monitor the kicks of your little one. It is a public health campaign which points to the fact whether your baby is showing up signs of distress. This does appear in the third trimester of pregnancy and connotes what is normal for a baby.

Why do you think counting of kicks is important?

The counting of kicks does appear to be important as any change in the movement of a baby during the third trimester is a sign of distress of the baby. The moment a mother is normal for the baby they are aware of the potential red flags for the baby. There have been lot of instances where mothers have gone on to witness abnormal movements in a baby and have gone on to alter their health care provider.

How you can use a pregnancy kick counter?

  • You can download the app as a web based app is also available
  • You can start counting the movements of the baby at the same time daily
  • You should choose a time when the baby appears to be most active
  • In order to get started you need to begin with the feet lying on the side. Each of the baby movements needs to be counted as a single kick and the moment you reach ten counts just tap on the app. The significance of the app stems from the fact on how fast you reach 10 movements
  • In most cases it is going to take less than half an hour as each baby works out to be unique
  • You might have to kick count the sessions on the app so as to figure out the movement history. Once a few days passes you will be able to figure out what would be normal for your baby. The key is for the baby to reach 10 movements.
  • You need to be aware on what is normal for the baby. If you feel that anything seems abnormal it is better to notify your health care provider.
  • The history of counting kicks would really be beneficial when you meet up with the doctor
  • The app is going to record the time when it took to reach 10 movements. You can log in but do count the kicks of the baby

If you are counting kicks of the baby it helps you to establish an emotional connect with the baby. It does provide a perfect opportunity to interact with the baby. In order to count kicks you should start around 28 weeks of pregnancy. If you are carrying multiples it is suggested that you start counting from 26 weeks.

Each and every pregnancy works out to be different. If you keep a track of the pregnancy sessions this helps you to figure out what would be normal for the baby. Just notify your health care provider if there are any changes to the movement pattern of the baby as well.