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Why 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI is the Best Sold Car from them?

Why 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI is the Best Sold Car from them?
June 28, 2021 Tom Clark

Sleek design and swift performance is what made the 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI the best-selling car from the manufacturer. No matter what model an individual plans to buy when reaching Seaside Volkswagen dealership, the Golf GTI is the one which is most checked and opted for a test drive. People are highly impress with this vehicle and is the reason it’s the best-selling vehicle from Volkswagen.

What makes this car so impressive that it is selling so well?

Equipped engine is one of the best

There are numerous points as to what makes this vehicle so damn excellent that people tends to buy it if they haven’t got one already. One of the reasons for it is the engine equipped with under hood of GLF GTI. The four-cylinder option with turbocharged aspects has the ability of providing 228-hp.

This engine is capable of producing ample power along with quick acceleration and responsive for having the smoothest ride possible. Furthermore, transmission available in both manual and automatic format; user-friendly manual structure ensures shifting of gears to be easy. However, most prefers the automatic dual-clutch format since it is much easier to use.

This car being so responsive, nimble, and offering remarkable ride quality makes it ideal for using on a regular basis or for long weekend trips. Moreover, it precise handling and cornering capabilities makes people driving this vehicle a bliss. Moreover, its braking system is quite impressive whether one is driving it on road or on tracks.

Also, this vehicle offers the best mileage of 24 and 32 mpg in city and highway respectively. The engine and mileage provided is capable of making people fall in love with this vehicle and ensuring that they get it as quickly as possible. However, this is not all that made this car the best-selling one from Volkswagen. Other aspects include the interior, features, and reasonable pricing. Take a look at these before you reaching Volkswagen dealer Salinas.

Interior and features

Aesthetically and beautifully designed interior using top grade items makes people want to get their hands on this vehicle. Though, this vehicle’s primary aspect is driver feedback and agility, the interior customization allows for owners to opt for various luxurious items. These include leather clad power adjustable seats, auto climate control, etc.

However, even without these people can choose to have a trim that will offer more comfort than its rivals in this category. Also, ample space is available for people to sit comfortably as well as hold enough cargo for a trip.

Other features include touchscreen display for managing infotainment system, standard smartphone integration, voice commands, etc.

Cost of 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Even with so many features and amenities available, the base model of this car S costs just $29,700. The other two models which you can choose is the SE costing $33,670 and Autobahn costs $37,950. Like other people you should always opt for the Autobahn or SE trims to ensure you get the best of Golf GTI.

These are the reasons as to why this people love this automobile and is currently the best-selling car from Volkswagen.