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Which Double Action Knife Is Right for Me?

Which Double Action Knife Is Right for Me?
December 17, 2020 Tom Clark

The double action knife is an automatic knife with which you can use a single button to extend the blade and to retract it.

This makes it more convenient than a single action knife where you need to manually retract the blade.

Because of that, double action knives are also more delicate. They have more pieces on the inside.

Here are some key things to consider when looking at double action knives and what are the best otf double action knives on the market.


One of the first things you’ll want to consider is how much you want to spend on a double action knife.

Because of the mechanics, you want one which is well-made with high-quality components.

Don’t be afraid to spend more, as it’s an investment in the quality of your knife.

You also want to make sure it feels good in your hand and has a solid grip on it so you can keep control over it at all times when using it.

Lastly, you’re looking for a knife that deploys and retracts quickly and smoothly so you get the full benefit of the double action.

Knife Safety

When using an OTF knife, always remember to keep the blade pointed away from you.

When you’re handing it to someone else, keep the blade retracted and make sure the blade is secure when you’re carrying the knife around with you.


Because of the delicate nature of double action knives, you must keep an eye on maintenance.

Aim to sharpen it at least once a week if you’re using it regularly and clean it as soon as possible after every use. This will keep the blade in the best condition for as long as possible.

The mechanism inside will also need regular cleaning and lubricating. With the number of small parts, this will need to be done carefully and with a gentle touch. One of the best lubricants to use is a light emollient.

Best OTF Double Action Knives

You won’t always be able to tell the best knife for you until you see it or hold it but here are some of the best ones currently available.

This is based on price, quality, and user feedback.

Tacknives MD3T – Tanto Blade

One of the best things about this double action otf knife by Tacknives is that it is designed with everyday carry in mind.

With a blade length of 2.68 inches and a total length of 6.77 inches, it is conveniently small but big enough for anything you need it for.

It comes with the switch on the handle instead of on the side, which can be more convenient and easier to grip, and also has a glass breaker built-in.

Benchmade 3300 Infidel

If you are looking for something premium, the Benchmade 3300 is a great option. The total length is 8.95 inches, which means it is larger than the MD3T but is also nearly eight times the price.

Like the smaller option from Tacknives, it also comes with the switch on the handle instead of the spine.

Tekto Rapid

The Tekto Rapid is the largest one, with a total length of 9.5 inches. It also comes built with a hip clip so it is easy to carry.

It has a simpler design which gives it a different visual appeal to the other two.

Choosing a Double Action Knife

You may not figure out the best double action knife for you until it has been in your hand and used. But whatever you need it for and whatever price range you’re looking at, the right knife is out there for you.

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