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What is sleeve surgery? What does it involve?

What is sleeve surgery? What does it involve?
August 9, 2021 Tom Clark

What is a sleeve gastrectomy?

Gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy Phoenix is a bariatric procedure wherein the size of the stomach is decreased permanently, leaving a banana-like part that has both malabsorptive and restrictive characteristics to affect weight reduction. Continue reading the article to understand what is sleeve gastrectomy, and how effective it is for obese patients.

What is the difference between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve?

Sleeve gastrectomy Phoenix is less complicated as compared to gastric bypass surgery. Rather than rearranging the structure of the patient’s stomach and intestine (small) as is performed with the gastric bypass, the stomach is resized to affect weight reduction.

How effective is sleeve surgery?

Those who have undergone sleeve surgery and obey the other program requirements usually reduce up to 65 percent of their excess weight. Moreover, they ease or alleviate lots of weight-related ailments like diabetes, sleep apnea, high BP, high cholesterol, etc.

In the long run, most patients can successfully reduce at least 50 percent of their excess weight.

In how much time, the patient, after a sleeve surgery, gets recovered?

The surgery is done with many tiny incisions, effectively lowering the danger of complications, post-op soreness, and time until the patient can go back to their everyday life. Patients will require some time to recover. Also, they need to adopt good eating habits since they get used to their new size.

Risks involved in gastric sleeve surgery

Every surgery has some potential complications. For that reason, the introduction of laparoscopic to the domain of bariatric surgery has developed not only efficiency but the risk posed to the patient, too.

The statistics from more than 60000 patients across the country demonstrate that the possibility of death is 0.1 percent that is less as compared to gallbladder surgery or a hip replacement. What’s more, there are good statistics showing an 89 percent decrease in mortality in those who have an operation than in a cohort who doesn’t because of the numerous weight-related health issues addressed with bariatric surgery.

Diet after a gastric sleeve

After a sleeve surgery, the patients need to adhere to a strict diet for some weeks or months. The post-op diet is necessary as it can help in quick recovery and getting better weight loss results. Your surgeon will give you a list of foods that you have to include in your post-op diet.

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