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October 27, 2020 Tom Clark

Owning a French bulldog is not always fun. It has a lot of requirements attached to it and there are some reasons why this breed is so popular. The French bulldog has a very stout build and stands approximately twelve inches tall with a weight of about 25 pounds. The breed affectionately is called “Frenchie” and has a flat face with oversized ears. The face has wrinkles all over and the top lip is all over the bottom lip which is commonly called the signature pout.

The life expectancy of the bulldog is about ten-twelve years and comes in a variety of colors. The various colors include fawn, white, black, and brindle. Their coat is very shiny and smooth and sheds their hair very less. Over the last five years, this is the most popular breed for families. There are a few features that one needs to know of the Frenchie dog before deciding to buy one. Some of these features which are important for anyone planning to buy this dog are-

  1. The French bulldog is quite expensive and people have paid about $10,000 to buy this dog. It is very important to know that it is preferred if the dog is bought through a reputable breeder and serves in the long run.
  2. The French bulldog should be very good with the kids of the families. Though the children should be supervised to be active and attentive around the dog and should be taught to be interactive around dogs. The children are also supposed to be light-handed so that the animal doesn’t feel nervous and respects the child.
  3. The dog should be good with other animals and is typically easier to introduce to other pets and get along well with other animals. The owner needs to let the dog sniff the other animals and if it appears that they start to get anxious then they should stop the pet.
  4. This breed does not need a lot of exercise and in comparison to other dogs; they need just one walk a day. This is the most suitable dog for people living in apartments because it is physically not possible for people to go out that often. This does not mean that this breed is lazy but they just love to enjoy and live their life to the fullest.
  5. The Frenchie loves to play with the kids and spend time with them and get protective of their owners.