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WeChat expertise in China is not easy to ge

WeChat expertise in China is not easy to ge
January 8, 2019 Tom Clark

Apple Watch and in the 2014 Discovery of the Importance of the 2016 WWDC, China’s Viett messages played an important role in the demo. During the stage of this phase, the app’s largest profile was displayed in front of US viewers, and nothing could be found since then.

Why was not US aware of us as much as weChat was from Apple? This is because China has a powerful power in the Chinese market, where Apple is constantly trying to adopt, develop, and grow.

WeChat recently hit a billion-month-old users, a figure that puts it in the fastest company in Facebook, VoiceSpace and Messenger. How does this trade with Chinese companies and how many number of country users connect to each other? But this is not just a sticky “chat app”. WeChat is a fully spread mobile platform and has potentially influenced Messenger’s Facebook plans, which could include making a center for apps, services, and even customer support. On WeChat, you can send money between taxi drivers, donate the critics, play games, and host of other activities and you can do Chinese chains as long as you are in China. The version of the app available in the US is a lot of additional services, which helps explain why they fly under the radar.

As an American, we did not plan to get close acquaintance with WeChat. But when I joined a Chinese app developer a few years ago, it became my most used app soon. First of all it was difficult to self-identify, but became very easy as I know where some things are. Staying in the Viett gives a taste of cultural differences between China and the United States, and how the rapid technology grows on the other side of the world.


Mobile Phones Mobile Phones

The American technology industry is like to talk about the “mobile phone” experience, but the catcher does not play similarly in China, who has never developed Computer Central Culture, facing Americans before smartphones. Used to have For WeChat, the first mobile to be mobile is your phone, and everything goes through it.

For example, if you want to use WeChat on a laptop or desktop PC, you’ll need to use the QR code to contact the phone and verify access to your phone. all the time. You do not enter any passwords in a desktop application. Instead, you click on “Login” and get notifications on your phone so that you can confirm it.

Votte’s mobile-first, desktop second design, also excludes the fact that the desktop app does not sync every single message. If your computer is sleeping for an expansion period or the application is out, it is not possible that you receive messages sent to this message. There is no record of messages that are ever happening. The WeChat desktop app can not be much easier than PC-based experience, but it does not mean that we should be used as a basic way to reach the Vsetet.


Another strange thing is not to log in with more than two devices at the same time. You can connect with your phone or a Desktop or iPad app, and it’s also. A bug, you probably think? I told Asia colleagues that it is a security feature, in order to limit serious communication, people are being seen through a new cycle through cycles, which forget to save them.

About Features

Within WeChat, there are also features to minimize hidden information errors, such as the ability to miss a message – up to a few minutes. This means that if you mistakenly post a message or a document in the wrong group, you can remember it and it may disappear from all the devices that it receives.


Translation between English and Chinese is holding a message and selecting and accessing it from a popup menu. Other available options for messages make them move forward to other people, their delight and a reminder so that they can dynamically renew a notification.


Many of these features are quite common among different apps. In the widget, however, communication is not such a text center. You can send audio messages that automatically play when subscribers keep the phone on their ear. You can send your real-time location to a group, and join the map on the map. Built-in audio and video calling – the second feature makes its way to western apps – makes easy conference calls for calls. And of course stickers and GIFs are front and center and easy for cross-cultural communication.

While WeChat can take advantage of features from other apps, you will also see the features that along with other apps as well as their very successful red packages, or a rif on the red envelope, the virtual expression of an old Chinese tradition. included. You can send red packets, which include a digital cash in a group, to each recipient, you are explained to each recipient.