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Ways to Speed Up Your Refinance Mortgage Timeline

Ways to Speed Up Your Refinance Mortgage Timeline
November 9, 2022 Tom Clark

Refinancing your mortgage is an efficient way to earn extra money from your home, which is an asset that you can use to get a new mortgage. This is if you do not have any existing passive income like a mutual fund investment or resources coming from your CFD trading. You should have a clear picture of what you want out of your refinance before you apply. Do you want to change your term? Lower your interest rate? Convert your existing equity to cash?By refinancing your mortgage, you will eliminate the hassles of paying a high interest rate. In addition, you can also change your loan terms to your advantage, which is a plus if you want to keep up with your financial dues on a regular basis.

Some of the factors that lenders consider when you want to refinance include your credit score. Always check your credit score and make sure you have a FICOScore of at least 620 to refinance into a conventional loan. Just like when you apply for a new home purchase, you must meet credit standards before you can refinance your loan. If you find that your credit score is lower than ideal, keep in mind that you can still find lenders that offer refinancing programs even for people with bad credit.

Make sure to prepare your documents ahead of time when applying for refinancing. A lender will ask you for a number of documents when you apply for a refinance. These documents help your lender verify your income, existing assets, and financial history. If you are self-employed and have a small online business, for example, your lender may want to see more documentation to prove that your income is what you say it is. Prepare by keeping a copy of your most recent tax return somewhere accessible.Get your documents ready to ensure a smoother process.


Your lender will usually require a home appraisal when you ask to get a refinance. Just like when you went through the home buying process, a refinance appraisal will inform your lender that they are not loaning you more money than your home is worth. Take some time to spruce up your home in the weeks before your refinance. You can clean your lawn, consider planting a garden, and power wash the sides of your house. Make sure that you are present when the appraiser walks through your home. Point out any special features that you want your appraiser to know so it can help them decide on your home’s worth better.

Refinancing allows you to switch to a different type loan from another. For example, a homeowner who bought their home with an adjustable-rate mortgage is coming up to the adjustment phase. To avoid the change in their mortgage rate, they could refinance their house and receive a fixed-rate loan instead which will have a more consistent monthly payment.

Another advantage of applying for a refinance is that your interest rate in your new loan is relatively much lower compared to the rates of your past loan. You may want to shop around for refinancing programs because while banks often have the same procedures to apply for one, they sometimes offer a range of interest rates. Any savings that you can have from a low interest rate can be used for future investments like stocks trading, forex trading, and CFD trading.