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Understanding Plastic Injection Molding

Understanding Plastic Injection Molding
November 23, 2018 Tom Clark

The process of plastic injection molding is particularly used to manufacture plastic parts which make it popular due to its exclusivity. The parts manufactured through the process are of different sizes and their application varies as well because they are fabricated as per the client’s demand. The procedure requires a machine that can effectuate injection molding alongside raw plastic as well as a mold. The activity has certain stages to it and can be used for multiple ways, the most notable being its use in plastic housings. It produces thin-walled plastic.

The process

The entire exercise of plastic injection molding does not consume a lot of time and can be done through four stages.

  1. The first stage is focused on clamping. Before you can insert the raw material inside the mold, you need to make sure that both the halves are clamped well. Both the halves are attached to the machine whereas only one will be permitted to slip. The unit will make sure that there is sufficient force to keep the halves intact and closed when the raw material is inserted. The total time of this step depends entirely on the size of the machine as the bigger the machine, the greater will be the time.
  2. The next process is that of injecting the raw material. The substance is then put inside the mole with the help of a unit that serves the purpose. This process also constitutes the melting of the stuff by application of temperature and force. Once it is melted, it is then transferred to the mold and the pressure within it holds it together. The total time of the step is hard to calculate because of the intricacies and the ever-changing flow of the melted material inside the mold.
  3. Once the injection is done, the process of plastic injection molding would need you to cool it down. It automatically starts once it gets in touch with the inside of the mold. As it starts to cool, you can see that it is taking up the desired shape. Although a thing to notice here is that the material will shrink a bit during the entire step. However, the shape will be regained when an extra amount of injection takes place due to the packing of the substance. You must be careful to not open the mold until this step reaches its end.
  4. The final bit of the activity is to take the final product out. Again there is a device for it within the machine that is located at the back end of the mold. The applied force helps in the ejection and the intensity should be sufficiently high since the final product might be stuck to the mold. You can even make use of a mold release substance to effectuate easy proceedings within the process.

Thus, the entire process of plastic injection molding might consume less time but would need a high level of understanding from your end to have good results.