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Types of IT internships for graduates and master students

Types of IT internships for graduates and master students
February 14, 2019 Tom Clark

IT internships provide a very good opportunity for tech students to learn the on-job responsibilities and to understand the work culture of the IT sector. In most of the internships, the interns are assigned projects which they have to complete under the guidance of a senior engineer. IT sector works24/7, there are different types of internship programs for students and aspirants who want to take IT as their career.

Most common types of IT internships

  1. Front end Engineering: In this kind of internship, some of the most common projects which come under this category include:
  • HTML code writing
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

The job of debugging, testing and ensuring the smooth running of the code may also be part of the intern’s job profile.

  1. Back-End Engineering: These IT internships Premium Graduate Placements programs include website data handling. Interns may have to work with various programming languages. The intern will be responsible for writing codes for the assigned project and do the testing to check for any bug related issues.
  2. Full-stack software engineering: These IT internship programs are mix of both front end, as well as, back end programming. These kinds of IT internships provides lots of knowledge about programming to the interns.
  3. An internship related to information security: these kinds of IT internships are most common in Healthcare, banking and other financial sectors as the security of the customer financial and private details is their primary concern. These internship projects teach interns what all challenges are faced by IT security Section and how to handle such challenges.
  4. Mobile Engineering: In these internship programs, the intern has to work with codes to develop a mobile application. In these programs, the intern learns to handle both front and back end developments.

Other kinds of internship programs include IOS or Android development programs product management programs, data handling IT internships, etc. An internship develops confidence and a professional attitude in the students.