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Traffic accident and compensation that one can get with help of accidental layer

Traffic accident and compensation that one can get with help of accidental layer
April 26, 2018 Simon Hopes

Traffic accidents are events in land, sea or air traffic in which vehicles are involved and are wounded or killed. When there are no casualties in people, and the losses are only material, we are dealing with a collision. The most frequent causes of road accidents are excessive speed, non-compliance with the right of way, alcohol and bravado. Participants in the traffic under the influence of alcohol were and are responsible for approx. 8.8% of all road accidents.

Transport accidents are the most common reason for making compensation claims. As a result, both personal and property damage occur.

In accordance with the requirements of the Compulsory Insurance Act, every owner of a motor vehicle maintenance is required to enter into civil liability insurance. Thus, in the case of a traffic accident, motor vehicles covered by compulsory third party liability insurance will be not only cars, but also motorcycles, scooters, buses, tractors, combines, motorboats, trains, trams, planes, etc.

Insurance Companies strive to maximize their profits by refusing to pay out due damages, or by prolonging liquidation proceedings, forcing people to accept unfavorable and incomplete proposals to end liquidation disputes, underestimating the extent of damage and the amount of compensation.

Using the help of a lawyer Adam S Kutner can protect you against unfair treatment of Insurance Companies.

The basic claims of injured persons in transport accidents may include financial compensation for the harm suffered, a pension for the injured person and compensation for covering all expenses related to the damage.

It is worth knowing that compensation from the liability policy of the driver of a transport accident belongs to all the injured, and the person who has bought a few accident insurance can receive compensation from each of them.

It should also be remembered that all claims in the event of a traffic accident should be met in one liquidation proceeding.

If you are an injured person in this case, contact our office. An accidental lawyer will provide you with comprehensive legal assistance. Good accidental lawyer will help you collect the necessary documentation and obtain adequate compensation for the size of your damage.

In addition, a good accidental lawyer provides representation of persons who are injured in proceedings before the Police authorities, the prosecutor’s office and the criminal court.

It must be remembered that the first testimony given to the police often have an impact on the further course of the case. It is in the criminal proceedings that the first evidence from expert opinions in the field of automotive technology is carried out. They ran reports on the material collected in the case files (sketches, photos, testimonies of parties and witnesses), who were the perpetrators of the accident, how fast the vehicles moved at the time of the incident and whether any of the vehicle drivers contributed to the accident. Assisting a lawyer at this stage of the proceedings is necessary, because only lawyers with appropriate experience will defend your rights. From experience, accidental lawyer can only indicate that in criminal preparatory proceedings, persons who do not have a professional representative (lawyer, legal advisor) are often treated as contributing to the accident.