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Top Designer Mask Ideas To Try As DIY

Top Designer Mask Ideas To Try As DIY
June 15, 2020 Tom Clark

As the pandemic situation has been worsening each day, you need to choose whether to survive with savings or go for work. Most countries followed the norms of the lockdown initially, but they have succumbed to economic pressure. At present, almost all states have returned to work in the country, but the only concern is that utmost caution will help survive in these tough times. Use of face-shields, hand sanitizers and social distancing are a few key things to look forward to for survival. But what about seeing everyone in masks around.

It might look a lot frustrating since real human faces will be a rare sight to behold in 2020. When each face that you see appears covered, there must be something unique and extraordinary to spice up your life. Designer masks are going to open new realms in innovations. If you have plans to innovate with your face cover and give it a unique design and look, go for DIYs that we will discuss just shortly.  Otherwise, for lazy bones, top online shopping marketplaces like have a wide range of designer masks to help you pick the best. Customers can also order for self customization to grab the best respirators for a newly masked look in 2020.

Some Cool Ideas for Your DIY Designer Masks for Outdoors

Sew-Less Mask In The Designer Category

Wondering, how sew-less and designer both can go hand in hand. You need not have to crack up the nuts since there are plenty of designer t-shirts that you own. The only craft that you need at the moment is scissor cutting skills. You have to cut the areas of your designer t-shirts using sharp precision scissors and make a specific ear-bound lock. Even for making the ear-bound lock, you need no strings at all. Just slit open the cloth partly and make the size similar to your ear. You need only to push open and keep your ear lobes inside the slitted fabric that you have cut. In this way, the mask will cover even the cheeks along with mouth and nose. It would help if you had no sewing at all, even for creating the mask locks for ears to make the mask stay put.

Synthetic Designer Mask

While making masks at home, people would straightway advocate for cotton fabrics because they are comfortable and smooth. But there are a lot of disadvantages attached to the same. You might get a lot of droplets and moisture caught in the mask since cotton is an excellent moisture absorbent. You can overcome this challenge by replacing the same with synthetic fabric. Polypropylene cloth material is a great pick for making your very own designer mask. You can use specific design patterns or laser printing at home as well for creating designs or quotes on the mask-cover. You can also use sewing machines for making frugal designs at home. But you need the sewing skills for that matter.

Mask with HEPA Filter

If you have vacuum cleaner bags at home and you have some bright ideas to make use of it to mask your face, there is a great chance to make designer masks from it. You need just the sewing machine to let your imagination explore innovations in mask designs. If you have a computer with CAD software installed, it will be easier to create a blueprint and then work on the mask to track the progress effectively.


It is not tough to make designer masks at home. All you need is a few essential materials and little amount of imagination to create cost-effective solutions. You can even use your socks to make simple masks at home. Try it for once if you are running out of mask-covers and there are no stocks available on e-Commerce stores or your departmental stores near you.