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Summer shopping – it’s nothing to sweat over

Summer shopping – it’s nothing to sweat over
November 1, 2018 Simon Hopes

Winter weather had you cozying down in chunky knits and flannelette sheets. But with the hint of summer on the horizon, fold up your heavier fabrics and opt for organic cotton, linen, bamboo and microfiber options. It’s time to lighten up your linen closet with these summer staples.

Keep cool in the bedroom

Don’t miss out on a good night’s sleep because you’re tossing and turning. To avoid those summer night sweats, stay away from bedding made of synthetic fabrics. Opt instead for natural, breathable fibres, which will prevent perspiration and may feature a moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool all night long.

Percale Cotton

Don’t let a high thread count fool you a this doesn’t always equate to breathable. The higher you go, the less chance air has to escape. Go for anywhere between 200 and 400 for maintaining a cool environment.  Percale sheets are a type of cotton which are known for a tight, ‘percale’ weave. If you’re sweating through the night, your ideal sleep aid is a 300 thread count percale sheet set as it stays cool to the touch and helps your skin breathe. There are range of Vintage Softwash sheets that provide an elegant, rustic element to your home decor, while also remaining crisp and cool while you snooze.

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are an eco-friendly option to a cool night’s sleep. The natural fibers are not only durable, but extremely breathable and temperature-regulating. The lightweight material has natural wicking abilities and won’t weigh you down on a hot night.


A long time favourite and summer staple, Linen is the most breathable of your natural fibre options. Linen has an open weave and the lightweight fabric is perfect for those hot and humid Australian nights.  While linen gets a bad wrap for being too delicate, following proper washing procedures ensures your sheets remain in great condition.

100% Cotton

These breezy, organic cotton options feel crisp and cool to the touch, even when it’s sweltering outside. And with the thread count under 400, the long, woven fibres allow hot air to escape, making it easier to cozy down on those lazy weekend mornings. One large benefit of cotton and other natural materials is that the more they’re washed, the softer they’ll be. So whether it’s pillows, quilt sets or sheets, beat the heat this summer with these sleeping options.

Keep cool in the bathroom

Between the humidity in the air and the added humidity in your bathroom every time you shower, your hotel-worthy fluffy towel you splurged on in winter might not be doing the best in the heat. That’s because the thicker and fluffier your bath towel is, the less likely it is properly drying between washes. When your towel doesn’t dry, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and odours. By purchasing a towel made for summer weather, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Quick Dry Towels

There’s nothing worse than towelling down with a damp towel after a cool and refreshing shower. Rather than reaching for your softest bath sheet, grab a quick-dry towel and be rest assured your towel down will be a pleasant experience, every time. Canningvale offers a range of colours for their Verona King Bath Towel which combines the effectiveness of quick-dry technology with the softness of standard terry cotton. Don’t sweat! You can complete your set with with matching hand towels.

Microfibre Towels

Microfibre towels are a smart fabric, known for quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties. Made from super absorbent material, this luxury towel draws water from your hair quicker and more effectively than a normal cotton towel. The waffle weave is made with ultra-fine microfibers aimed at being gentle on the skin while also drawing away moisture. All microfiber towels are lightweight and easily packed so you can take them with you through all your summer plans.

Summer should be a time to relax, unwind and hit the beach. But if you’re losing sleep tossing and turning under heavy fabrics, we encourage you to lighten up with these seasonal options. Give your bedroom and bathroom a summer makeover with select materials geared towards ultimate comfort and style.