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Some Of The Best Work From Home Careers

Some Of The Best Work From Home Careers
March 6, 2019 Tom Clark

For many, working from home is the dream. You wake up and don’t have to worry about a stressful morning commute, iron a smart outfit and rush out the door after just one sip of your morning Coffee Guide. Work from home careers provide a lot more freedom than other roles, both when it comes to your time management or planning your finances. If you’re interested in working from home and you want to find out more about some of the best work from home careers, take a look at this guide for some top inspiration!


If you currently have a specialist skill or knowledge base, working as a freelancer could be the perfect role for you. Many companies need help from specialists in order to grow, but might not have the funds to employ a full-time in-house member of staff. This is where your skills in areas such as writing, graphic design or digital marketing come in. Working as a freelancer, you can generate a consistent income from regular clients, set your own fee, and manage your own workload.

If you do choose to become a full-time freelancer, keep in mind that this is a competitive industry. The more experience you have and the more reviews and feedback you get from clients will build up a good reputation and allow you to higher your fee’s and generate more work. 

Property investment 

Property investment is one of the best ways that people boost their income, often alongside a full-time day job. However, if you do it the right way and work hard to build a strong investment portfolio, property can turn into a work from home career. Being a full-time landlord is a great option for people who are keen to retire early and want to generate good financial stability for later life.

It’s important to do your research if you do decide to work as a property investor full time. Look into the best UK cities to invest in, such as property hotspots Liverpool and Manchester which both offer high rental yields, great capital growth potential and strong levels of demand. Choose your investments wisely, keeping in mind the area that the property is based in along with the type of tenants it will attract. You can get the help of professionals such as RW Invest who are a property company with a number of fantastic opportunities in prime city centre locations that will appeal to a mix of young professionals and student tenants.

Online education 

Many people around the world want to learn new languages or skills but aren’t prepared to travel to a college or course centre. This is where online education comes in. If you feel you could make a good teacher, consider becoming a full-time online tutor. This is something that can easily be done from your home and involves having lessons with students via Skype or webcam chats. You can choose your students, your work schedule, and your fee. Like freelancing, the more experience you get in this field, the quicker you can higher your fees and earn a more substantial income.

Students will naturally come and go, so in order to keep a consistent stream of clients, make sure you market yourself well. This could mean setting up a high-quality website to advertise your services and adding your business to listing sites.