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Signs Your Car is Awaiting an Immediate Visit to the Auto Repair Shop

Signs Your Car is Awaiting an Immediate Visit to the Auto Repair Shop
December 22, 2020 Tom Clark

Every car owner feels a special bond with his or her vehicle, be it a newly purchased one or that has already accompanied them for several years. So, when it is the turn to give back the car the care it deserves, every car owner feels to do the best they can, for the wellbeing of their trusted travel partner. So, here we are with some useful and handy suggestions on how to keep your car in its top notch condition, and how to stay prepared in advance, so that your car do not face a sudden breakdown or suffer immobility.

The experts of the auto repair shop we visit often, shared with us all those signs and symptoms, observing which you must know that you cannot afford a delay in taking your car for a visit to the auto repair shop.

Still or Blinking Check Engine Light

Usually, the check engine light is supposed to get turned on, along with several other lights when you key start your vehicle. But as per the normal condition, it should also go away after a few seconds as the other lights do. But if the light stays turned on or start blinking, it is a sure sign that your car engine or any other mechanisms related to the engine is at fault.

If the light stays still, it is a good news for you, since that is the sign of lesser trouble, while the blinking of the check engine light is indicative of a bigger issue that will need some serious repair work. On the lighter side, the staying on of the check engine light can say that the gas cap got out of place, or the spark plug got fused. But a blinking check engine light speaks of bigger trouble like a faulty exhaust system, a damaged transmission, or oxygen sensor, or an issue with the combustion chamber. So, it is strongly recommended never to ignore the check engine light warning, especially if it is blinking for a long time.

Engine Making Sputtering Sound

The car engine needs fresh air to breathe to burn the required amount of fuel in its combustion chamber. For this, the ignition system needs to be in a healthy condition which is meant to start the engine as soon as the key is turned on. But when the ignition system goes out of order, it starts causing misfires that makes a spluttering sound.

This spluttering sound from the engine also suggests that the car fluids got overly contaminated and is affecting the engine components. This indication or symptom is reason enough to take your car immediately to an auto repair shop.

Issues with the Brakes

Car brakes are the lifeline of any vehicle, that cannot be left to get spoiled or get unresponsive. So, if there is any trouble cropping up from the brakes, there cannot be any better time to visit the auto repair shop. The issues might include an unresponsive brake pedal that is either too easy or too difficult to press, or it could be a squealing sound coming up whenever you try to apply the brakes. In any of these cases, you simply cannot postpone your visit to the auto repair shop, unless you have another alternative to travel, warned the mechanic of the auto repair shop San Luis Obispo.