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Rapid Tooling A Perfect Moulding Method with Multiple Advantages

Rapid Tooling A Perfect Moulding Method with Multiple Advantages
January 27, 2020 Tom Clark

Molding industries have drastic improvements now in their techniques and technology. One of the examples is rapid tooling. There are too many methods of molding but when we talk about which one is quick and fast then this is one of the tops. This molding is a combination of two effective techniques that is rapid prototyping and conventional tooling. It takes very little time to produce CAD data parts. If we compare the cost of manufacturing as per the rapid tooling process it Will be more cost-effective than the traditional method of manufacturing. Mainly this tooling is ideal to manufacture molded injection parts.

What kind of products can suitable for it?

This tooling is generally used for low to high volume manufacturing as rapid prototyping for producing parts in bulk quantity. So this tooling process is used making parts like medical syringes, bottle caps and Lego bricks etc. This molding process needs three components raw plastic, molding machine, and mold. After facing all the process, the product will be cooled and then they will remove it. Now your production is finished you can sell these to the market.

Get numerous advantages through a single method:

There are numerous advantages to get into a rapid tooling process for your tools or parts. There is a list of few benefits below to suggest to you why you should go for this method.

  • Suitable to many materials: there are no restrictions for wide options can be suitable for thermosets, thermoplastics and silicone product. So you can select from so many options for the injection molding process.
  • Less process: this molding is a combination of two-three process. So this complex process is now consolidated in one process.
  • Consistency: you don’t need to assemble all the machines repeatedly. Once it is done with one it doesn’t wear out.
  • A large number of products: this tooling process can manage a wide range of products at one time.

Rapid tooling process uses various materials:

NYLON GF’S, PP, PA6, PA12, HDPE, LDPE, POM, ABS, etc. These materials have their own properties and benefits. So you can select from a wide range of materials for your tool. It is one of the quickest processes that’s why it processes CAD inefficiently way. This tooling also provides you customization to bring your personal touch in your product.

After you send them CAD files of your product they will start working on it. And you can receive a sample item within 15 days. These Delivery days can be minimized if the company doesn’t have too many other orders. This tooling can be done with the same tool therefore this eliminates the wastage of tools and serves you cost benefits.

You can hire a mold manufacturing agency for your business without going anywhere. Just call them and get free quotes also. All the parts are made after testing and trails. This molding company has its own staff to examine all the products personally. If there are any errors, they will fix it immediately.