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Pros & Cons of Different Types of TV

Pros & Cons of Different Types of TV
April 30, 2019 Tom Clark

Now a days, due to advent of advanced and modernized technology, amazing new models of TV brands are available with the most updated unique features like best picture quality, faster refresh rates, Dolby vision (HDR) and many more features. Thus these amazing qualities of different types of brands are available at different prices and all the comparison of price list of different TV brands is available online. Therefore it becomes highly easy for the customers who are planning for purchasing the best TV with unique features is available for them at a glance and then they can easily decide for the best option for them as per their need, requirement and budget. Many websites showcase LED TV pricelist with comparisons.

Different types of TV’s are available in the market, although many new TV’s has been released which offers amazing outstanding picture quality with wide viewing angels, has excellent & best smart features with the latest version having outstanding and identical performances. Due to best smart features, the Sony TV price varies as per their quality and features and for their outstanding performances. The advanced smart features of Smart TV attracts lots of customers due to its outstanding performances and amazing picture quality, thus they prefer to buy smart TV more than any other TV. First of all before purchasing TV, customers must view different types of TV’s first of all then decide about purchasing of TV. Different types of TV’s like OLED, LCD, LED LCD etc. are as follows:

Different Types of TV’s available in Market

  • OLED TVs : A layer of organic LEDs are used in place of backlight, in OLED TVs which are controlled at the pixel level in order to achieve the best stunning levels of contrast as well as with absolute black and the OLED technology are available in the larger or bigger screen sizes with their latest new OLED models. The advantages of these TVs are best TV picture quality, better contrast and shadow, colors pop, bar none with the best image quality. The disadvantages of these OLED TVs have lower peak brightness as compared to some LCDs sets.
  • LCD & LED: LCD uses quantum dots of different sizes that lights up the LED backlight hits it. As a result wider color spectrum with increased brightness occurs. The best advantages of these LED, TVs are its various sizes and amazing features with wide array or range of prices, quantum dot technology with bright screens. The disadvantages of these types of TVs  such as are that it exhibits imperfections when it is displayed in the rapid motion like in sports and the images gets faded when viewed from the side that is off axis.

Therefore, it is very important for the customers before purchasing TV, they must select their price range as per their budget, next decide about the TV size, then comes the resolution selection and select which type of TVs such as OLED, LCD, LED etc. suits them as per their need and requirement and of course according to their budget.