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Proctored Exams are the Future

Proctored Exams are the Future
March 16, 2018 Simon Hopes

Virtual learning is the new development in education, what with its market raking in more than hundred billion. It is due to this growth that there has also been development in sister virtual technologies. A big example of this is the online proctoring forum. A proctored exam is quickly becoming the norm, especially its virtual version of Work Productivity.

A proctored test is basically a method of making sure that the candidate is taking the test authentically. Read on to know all about.

Advantages of an Online Proctored Exam

The basic pros are that the time and geographical limitations are invalidated by an online proctored test. People are not needed for review, so the cost becomes more feasible as well. Moreover, it checks more adequate brightness in the room and scans for any suspicious actions and/or objects in the vicinity. Applicants are authenticated through the medium of face recognition.

Trends of Online Proctoring

Authenticity of the test taker is improved with the aid of biometric aids from gadgets such as fitness monitors and smart watches. These devices can also be used to pinpoint difference in pulse and temperature and forward the information to the software for assessment. Risk of impersonation can be eliminated with the help of face recognition. Analysis of keyboard behaviour is also done. Soon enough, there may be checks through analysis of touch and sound. Body language – such as movement of face and posture of body – are reviewed by artificial intelligence to check for cheating.

Proctored Exams are Secure

There are many additional measures taken to make sure of the authenticity of proctored exams. First off, the logins of the applicants are constricted to a particular IP addresses, and the option of copy-paste is blocked. By locking the screen of the device, it is made sure that the Millennial Women Leaders candidate cannot tune into other sites or change the window.

Benefits of Proctoring Exams to Business

The digital technologies incorporated within proctored tests help the test takers to ensure that the exams being taken remotely are authentic. Not only backing to virtual learning is provided, there is also a lot of saving up on the cost and time of hiring. Online tests provide ease of convenience for the company, and increase the scope of candidates applying. Online proctored exams allow for collection of data during the test is taking place, which can later be referred to later during the employment process.

Proctored Exams are the Future

To start off, the exponential rise of virtual learning has a lot to do with the popularity of proctored tests, as is aforementioned. Centres for in person proctoring can have high expenditure turn out, which gets removed due to its online component. Even the applicants cash in on time and money. Space constraint is yet another reason for the rise of these kinds of tests.

It can easily be seen that a proctored exam is a boon to every business looking to add employees to their company in a time saving yet efficient manner. The internet is the future and it is already taking over the present. It’s time employee evaluation exams also catch on to the trend.


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