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Premises liability, Slip and fall lawyers in San Diego

Premises liability, Slip and fall lawyers in San Diego
June 25, 2020 Tom Clark

Every one of us spends most of our time in someone else’s property. Visiting restaurants, movie theaters or supermarkets are a daily routine of our lives so there are higher chances of getting injured in accidents. It includes accidents in amusement park, escalators, lifts, swimming pool accidents etc. The injured has the right to claim compensations for any kind of injuries that has been caused in someone else’s property. The slip and fall attorneys in San Diego can solve the case for you! The compensation has to be given by the property owner because it is the owner’s responsibility to keep his premises safe for others. The owner will be considered negligent if the owner is unable to maintain safety at his premises. This falls under the premises liability law, where the owner is considered as responsible for any kind of damages caused to another party at his property.

Slip and fall accidents:

This type of accident falls under the category of premises liability claims. You must have seen warning signs in malls or groceries. These signs give you a warning to stay alert and to avoid those places. In slip and fall cases, you can file a lawsuit if proper warning signs were not given or if it was insufficient to warn others of the potential dangers. The main causes of these accidents can be due to wet surfaces, and sometimes it can be an intentional purpose. Slip and fall accidents can take place in commercial properties, government properties as well as in residential areas. There is a particular way by which the third party can be proved as liable for the injuries.

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How to prove such accidents?

There can be two possible reasons for slip or trip: a) It can be due to your carelessness and b) it can be due to negligence of the property owner in maintaining his property. To prove who is liable for the accident, there are certain rules:

Firstly, it has to be proved that the negligence of the property owner has lead to such a catastrophic event causing severe damages and injuries. You need to justify your argument by proving the fact that the owner was aware of the dangerous conditions. In order to show that the property owner is responsible, it has to be established that:

  • The condition was created by the owner
  • The dangerous condition was known to the owner but was negligent about it.
  • The hazardous condition existed for such a prolonged period of time that it could have been easily corrected by the owner before the accident took place.

*The accidents can also take place due to carelessness of the victim and not due to the fault of the owner.

Though it sounds easy to find out who is liable for the accident, the truth is that it is difficult to prove the negligence of the landowner. You need to have a mastermind for proving this fact. Hire professional San Diego lawyers to get the deserving compensation.