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Ongoing Refugee Support From the Canadian Immigrant Services

Ongoing Refugee Support From the Canadian Immigrant Services
March 18, 2019 Tom Clark

Basic Social Assistance

Once the refugee is approved to live in Canada by Canadian Immigrant Services, the refugee becomes eligible for the support of basic social assistance.  The rates of the basic social assistance are dependent on the province or territory. This finical support is to provide food, shelter, and other basic necessities for the refugee.

The Canadian Immigration Services oversees that every refugee is treated fairly. Basic social assistance for refugees works similarly to Canadian Income Assistance. Each month, a payment is made to the individual. With this payment, the individual is expected to maintain housing, groceries, among other needs.

The Resettlement Assistance Program

Furthermore, the Resettlement Assistance Program, created by Canadian Immigration Services, will provide specialized services for up to four to six weeks. Even beyond these six weeks, there are still several supports to choose from.

The resettlement assistance services offered by Canadian Immigration Services include the initial welcoming in the airport, aid in finding temporary shelter, aid in finding a permanent residence, assessing the refugee’s needs. Additionally, this program will provide information regarding Canadian life. The program will create referrals and advocate for the refugee to other federal or provincial programs and settlement services.


According to Canadian Immigration Services, the private sponsor of the refugee must provide adequate financial and emotional support. This must continue until the end of the sponsorship. Alternatively, financial support could occur until the refugee can support themselves.

The refugee’s sponsorship includes financial support will clothing, housing, and food. A majority of sponsorships last up to one year. However, some refugees are able to receive sponsorship for up to three years. With this help of the sponsor, Canadian Immigration Services ensures that all the basic needs are met of the refugee.

Further Support

Canadian Immigration services offer a variety of services for refugees. Based on the newly settled refugee’s location, there is advancement in resources available. These resources are connections to services within the refugee’s new community.

The Canadian Immigration Services Department understands that language can pose as a barrier. There are free language learning classes offered by the department. Other types of classes are offered as well.

Education is another resource available to the refugee made possible by the Canadian Immigrant Services. To get a diploma, there are virtually free programs to access a Canadian education. From there, the refugee can acquire loans or sponsorship to gain a post-secondary or university level education.

The Efforts of the Canadian Immigrant Services Department

To sum up this brief article, we covered some major resettlement programs, types of financial aids, and financial aid durations. The Canadian Immigrant Services offers most of these programs. These programs are to help refugees adjust to Canadian living.

The drawing conclusion is that the Canadian Immigration Services department works tirelessly. These efforts are to ensure that the refugee gets to arrive and live in Canada safely. On the last note, the department strives to give these refugees a start at a new and prosperous life.

Canadian Immigration Services ensures that the individual is treated as an equal. Just as to anyone else in Canada, the refugee becomes a Canadian too. Laws are set in place to guarantee the rights of every individual on Canadian soil. These laws are regardless of what the refugee’s circumstances were prior to coming into Canada.