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New trends in the European fashion world that you must know

New trends in the European fashion world that you must know
April 11, 2018 Simon Hopes

Europe has always been the fashion mecca of the world. With places like London, Paris and Milan producing the most expensive and beautiful pieces of apparels, this place is a heaven for people who seek fashion in its purest form. Europe is where the fashion begins and updates every year. Most of the other countries and continents follow what has been set as a trend in the European countries.

In the ever-increasing digital world, fashion has become affordable and easy to access. Here are some women’s European fashion of 2017 that you must be aware of –

Designer athletic clothes –

The world has become a fitness freak. The mass hysteria of being fit and looking fabulous is nowhere going to disappear in the near future. Thus, athletic clothes are a must have in your closet. If you are a runner, whether in the park, treadmill or field, you must wear something impressive and run. An old pair of pyjamas will not do. You must have a separate wardrobe for your gym and exercise sessions. The boring leggings, shorts and track pants are not what I am talking about. Get some interesting stuff that is selling in Europe. Luxurious athletic clothes are in fashion and you can get some very colourful and extremely comfortable stuff to workout in.

Paint it yellow –

Yellow is not a colour that can be pulled off by everyone. It must be worn at the right time and place to look hot. And this monsoon is the time when you can wear your yellow tops, skirts and dresses. Yellow is in this season and you can make a fashion statement by wearing yellow and looking confident. Pair a plain yellow top with your leather pants and put on your high boots, and you will look bold, classy and cheery. This is what you need to brighten those dull monsoon days.

Skinny jeans –

They are what you need this year, although I think they were never out of fashion. After you have sweated it out in summer and achieved a toned body, it’s time to show off your figure. Buy a pair of skinny jeans, pair it up with a simple blouse and stilettos, bang… you are ready to go. Skinny jeans might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a bit on the healthy side, you can just buy any jeans. When worn with the right kind of top, the jeans will make you look slim.

Trench coat –

India is not a country where you get an opportunity to wear a trench coat. But, being inspired from all those European movies, women love to wear them. Monsoon is one time when you can show off your trench coat collection. Ladies, bring out your trench coats that have been hidden in some corner of your closet and dust time. Just pair then with leggings, formal pants, even jeans and you will be looking sexy yet all business.

These are some of the hottest trends in women’s European fashion clothing this year. You can buy the above stuff and look fabulous this season.


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