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MT5 Offers Trading Magazines to Support its Users

MT5 Offers Trading Magazines to Support its Users
June 17, 2021 Tom Clark

Due to the reign of technology such as gadgets, it’s sad to note that individuals who find pleasure by reading books or magazines are getting less and less. As a matter of fact, surveys and observations reveal that the majority of the human population would rather watch television or surf on the net just to amuse themselves. This may be a convenient and fast avenue to be updated on the current happenings around us but most reading fanatics would argue that there is nothing better than experiencing a good read over a cup or glass of your favorite drink. This is perhaps the point of some trading magazine publishers that is why they opted to incorporate some ideas, updates or articles about Metatrader 5. We are aware that almost every trader who is into day trading and portfolio diversification admires the great wonders of such trading platforms and allocating a space for such a topic in magazines will surely bring back the almost extinct passion for reading. In case you are interested, here is a list and background of the 4 magazines that  are supported by Metatrader

1.Trader’s Italy

This is a financial journal that is out in the Metatrader 5 market. With this type of publication, Italian traders are able to read about financial news, analysis and comments, fundamental and technical analysis and detailed descriptions of specific trading strategies and techniques in Italian.  Overall, this reading material has 17 issues and the very first issue was published in January 2013.


This magazine became part of the Metatrader market together with the first publication on our list. Furthermore, Investors was published together with Trader’s Italy under the publishers goal to share necessary trading information to traders from around the globe.  Another good thing about this magazine is the fact that this can be downloaded and subscribed for free through the Metatrader 5 platform.

  1. British Forex Trader Magazine

This magazine appeared in the Metatrader market later than the first two magazines on our list. For the individuals who find interest in reading such publications, you have to note that this is published twice a month and the published articles specifically focus on providing bits of information on currency trading and spread betting.

  1. E ForexMagazine

The said publication is dubbed as one of the most influential reading materials in the field of trading.  The publishers have disclosed that their latest issues are geared to equip forex traders with basic information and updates about Broker’s Tools for innovative development and risk free bridges and market-making order pools.


The presence of the category about magazines in the Metatrader application has made the said trading platform become more attractive to every trader in the society. This inclusion will surely make the users feel convenient in terms of keeping themselves abreast of the latest financial news and events, read relevant articles and interviews with industry leaders right in the platform, while continuing trading and running market analysis.