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Longtime Nurse, University of Phoenix Educator Reflects on Learning Methods

Longtime Nurse, University of Phoenix Educator Reflects on Learning Methods
March 17, 2021 Tom Clark

Connie Houser distinctly remembers when decided that she wanted to be a nurse. She was age four, which most would agree is a bit on the young side to declare such a major life and career goal.

But she kept the dream alive and immediately enrolled in a nursing program after high school. Now, 51 years later, Houser continues to love the profession. “Being a nurse is the best decision I’ve ever made,” she said.

Houser was recently a guest on “How Tomorrow Works,” a podcast hosted by Dan Benjamin. Each episode features someone in an interesting profession discussing their career, academic training and the workforces and workplaces of the future.

The popular podcast emphasizes the value of learning at any age. Guests include University of Phoenix instructors, alumni and other supporters.

Houser has taught at University of Phoenix for nearly 20 years. She finds value in sharing her wisdom and the wisdom of the nurses she has learned from during her career. Her experiences have included 17 different specialty care areas including the emergency room, intensive care unit, and mental health. This collective sharing of ideas and concepts benefits everyone, especially people who are just starting out in the profession.

While enrolled in the University’s MBA program, Hall was pleased with both what he learned and how he learned. The courses were academically challenging and covered relevant subjects he needed to know, and all courses included a well-designed combination of individual and group work. Hall was able to complete the coursework on his schedule as his full-time job allowed, but he was also part of a team within each class. This individual and team structure is, of course, similar to the corporate environments that many MBA graduates ultimately find themselves working in.

Benjamin asked Houser what other personal skills could be especially useful to someone interested in becoming a nurse. She responded with a handy list:

  • Be a person who cares.
  • Be organized.
  • Be a lifelong learner.
  • Be interested in others.
  • Be sensitive to others.
  • Be empathetic.

As an educator, Houser agrees that taking classes in nursing, such as ones offered by University of Phoenix, can be especially valuable to students.

If anything, they educate nurses about the variety of career options available. You can learn to be a leader within your organization or rise to the level of a manager. You can also learn the skills as a nurse educator to teach nursing programs to others.

“Just becoming a nurse opens so many doors,” Houser said. “Nursing is also all about the more you learn, the more you want to learn more.”

The episode discussed the current educational models and different paths to becoming a nurse. Houser also talked about how she finds ways to relax.

“How Tomorrow Works” is recommended for people wanting to learn more about career opportunities, workplaces and ways to learn.

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